Licking County: The Hartford Fair

by Maureen McCabe on August 10, 2013

The Hartford Fair in Licking County, Ohio calls itself  “The Biggest Little Fair In The World!”

Merry Go Round

The Hartford Fair has been around for awhile.  Today is the last day of the 155th Hartford Fair.  The Hartford Fair’s website has a lot about the history of this fair and how it is different than most fairs in Ohio and… the world.

We went out to the fair on Friday evening.  We saw very little of the agriculture which is a big part of the Hartford Fair.  We did get to see the huge display of farm tractors, a horse drawn wagon.   The big event and big draw on Friday night were the “Rough Trucks.” 



Hartford Fair Cotton Candy Wagon


The Hartford Fair has lots and lots of “carnival food.”   The Hartford Fair has a pretty big “midway.”  There are a lot of agricultural buildings on the fairgrounds but we got to see only a little bit it the biggest little fair in the world this year.     The cotton candy wagon pictured here has seen a lot of fairs.  The family who runs the Cotton Candy Wagon has been at The Hartford Fair since 1925.  The family operation has another larger, more modern food trailer next to the Cotton Candy wagon with popcorn, caramel apples, candy apples peanuts and carmel corn.

A Family Tradition since 1925

The Hartford Fair “midway” was dazzling on Friday night.

Silver Streak

The Hartford Fair is in northwest Licking County, Ohio.

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The Hartford Fair, 14028 Fairgrounds Road, Croton, Ohio 43013

Licking County Barn

Northwest Licking County is rural with small towns like Croton.

The Google map above ought to show where ‘The Hartford Fair’ is in relation to Columbus.  If you go to the Hartford Fair from Columbus, I recommend 270 to 161 to New Albany Road to Route 605 to Route 37  to Croton Road.  We went out coming through Johnstown.  I love driving through Johnstown but there is a detour on Route 62 now. We went home by going west on 37 (it made sense since Columbus is west of Croton) to Route 605. That route seemed a lot more direct.   You still get to drive by the Croton Egg Farms!!!


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