Let’s talk shoes…Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on June 10, 2011

Let’s talk shoes.  Footwear choices…

The Parade of Homes Preview Party is tonight….  The BIA Parade of  Homes Parade starts Saturday.

Going to the Preview Party for the BIA Parade of Homes at Olentangy Falls?  Dress comfortably would be my advice.  The forecast is upper 80′s. It’s raining here.  Will it be steamy once the rain is over?

There are only 11 homes in the 2011 BIA Parade of Homes but the lots are bigger and you will be walking up a hill.  Yes!  Rockford Homes, the developer of Olentangy Falls  located land that is NOT pancake flat in Central Ohio.   It’s not a really steep grade…  you  don’t need hiking boots….  Perhaps “do” half the houses walking up the hill and half walking back down?  Or do the walk  all uphill and roll down to your car?    The lots in Olentangy Falls are larger than most Central Ohio lots.  Fourteen homes may have been too many.  Thirteen would have been  unlucky. Eleven homes on lots that are 3/4 of an acre to nearly an acre means a bigger frontage than the Parade of Homes most years.

I worked a Preview Party in 1992 at the first BIA Parade of Homes House in New Albany.  I think….  I think 1992 was the huge Parade.  Two parades in one.  The  1991 Parade of  Homes  was near New Albany… but 1992 was New Albany.  Shoes. This is about shoes.  The house I was in banned stilettos.  It was not a matter of style.   The builder,  Stonehenge Homes  did not say “no heels” for any other reason than hard wood floors.  I could wax poetic about the gorgeous hardwood floors in the 1992 BIA  Parade of Homes including the dramatic ebony floor at Stonehenge Home’s 1992 Parade of Homes entry.

Wouldn’t be caught dead wearing heels at the Parade of Homes?  Opting instead for a practical, durable, lace up athletic shoe?  While comfortable consider a few things especially if  rain is the forecast.  You might be asked to remove your shoes to enter a home.   Something easy to slip on and off is a good idea.  Consider wearing /  bringing socks if going barefoot does not appeal to you.   Some builders provide shoe covers at their home but don’t count on it.

Most of the homes in the 2011 BIA  Parade of  Homes are sold.  That’s someone’s floor you are walking on.

The good news… being more hilly, once it stops raining Olentangy Falls will dry quickly.


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