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by Maureen McCabe on October 13, 2008

Greetings from In “Greetings from …”  in the Columbus Dispatch, the paper has “Postcard-quality photos picture city at its best.”

Columbus Day is a federal holiday.

Columbus Ohio, the largest city named after Christopher Columbus celebrates Columbus Day but here is no Columbus Day Parade…  There has not been a Columbus Day parade in Columbus in years.   The city of Columbus has a wreath laying ceremony this morning… at the statue of Christopher Columbus at City Hall.  Central Ohio celebrates Columbus with Experience Columbus Days.

Whose off work today for Columbus Day in Columbus Ohio?  Your mailman, the garbage men, most government employees…. From my understanding schools are open in Central Ohio with the exception of Columbus State University.

If you are in Columbus and lucky enough to have the day off of work, today is the last day of Experience Columbus Days.  If you are in Columbus and have the day off, you are in for another gorgeous day, how did Experience Columbus and our local weather forecasters arrange the weather for Experience Columbus Days so well.  Experience Columbus

Happy Columbus Day to Columbus Ohio.  Happy Columbus Day from Columbus Ohio.

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