"Green" in Columbus drink French Bordeaux!

by Maureen McCabe on November 1, 2007

glass of red wine“Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. ”

Old habit. It’s for good luck.

Good news Columbus.  Being ”Green” in Columbus means you ought to drink the French Bordeaux!

Choose the Chateau Rothschild over the Gallo …. or the California Merlot… Andrew Leonard wrote “How green is your bottle of red?” in ‘How the World Works’ on Salon.com

“And now for a truly important question: What is the greener option, in terms of carbon footprint, for a hypothetical wine-drinking citizen of Ohio: a California merlot from Napa county, a cheap Australian bottle of Yellow Tail shiraz, or a French bordeaux?”

“Green” Columbus Drinks European Wines? No ….

“This means that east of Columbus, it is less injurious to drink wine shipped across the Atlantic than trucked from Napa. In New York, if you want to “drink locally” — think France.”

No I guess we are the dividing line so Green Columbusites may drink red wines from California or Europe, guilt free… well I guess the guilt thing  depends on how much wine you drink and how it affects you.  

“Green”  guilt-wise, we in Central Ohio have the best of both worlds… it is just those east of us in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Boston, Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, Zanesville that should buy European wine.  To Zanesville Ohio drinking local means drinking French Bordeaux. 

It’s all based on a study from a Wine Economics group, (warning it’s a pdf… I hate pdf documents)  ’Red, White and “Green” the Cost of Carbon in  the Global Wine Trade’  ooooh It’s 20 pages… and I am not that green, I don’t really drink much wine…. I did not read.  I did include here for your reading pleasure…

I may read it because it goes beyond transportation, gets into packaging… farming. It might be interesting. 

The France is local thing is what got my attention though…  From what I read on Salon.com… it boils down to shipping by boat is the greenest.  Shipping by air is the least green.  Shipping by truck is somewhere in between….

Strange.  The fact that railroad transport is left out of the Salon.com  article baffled me and in the comments there is a discussion of rail being marginal.  I guess I have sat at enough railroad crossings in Central Ohio to say Ohio and this part of the US must be different than other parts of the US. I wondered if the whole study left out rail transport… but not enough to read 20 pages…. yet.

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1 Ohio Wine November 24, 2007 at 03:25 am

Great read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you don’t mind that I linked to this article from my own Ohio blog, The Ohio Wine Guide

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