February is Adopt-a-Rescued-Rabbit Month?

by Maureen McCabe on February 4, 2012

Is February Adopt-a-Rescued-Rabbit Month?  Do we celebrate Adopt- a-Rescued-Rabbit Month  in Columbus?  Had I known a few days ago this site  probably would have said “February is Adopt-a- Rescued- Rabbit Month”  when this site  said “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit”   for luck.  Not before saying

Rabbit at Ohio State Fair

Ohio Rabbit

“Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit”  but in conjunction with saying that for good luck.

I saw on the Internet that this is Adopt a Rescue Rabbit Month, or something like that.  You can not always believe everything you see on the Internet though, can you?

Columbus Rabbit Rescue

Columbus House Rabbit Society

Capital Area Humane Society  says ” February is Adopt-a-Rescued-Rabbit Month! “   The Columbus animal shelter has a photo of a veterinarian with a rabbit on their site now.

I actually started with the title “February Adopt a Rescue Rabbit Month?”  My permalink is probably still saying “Rescue Rabbit” and not “Rescued Rabbit” and I just don’t care.   Don’t know what a permalink is?  Don’t worry it has nothing to do with rabbits rescued or otherwise.

February is “Adopt-a-Rescued-Rabbit Month.”

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