Columbus Squirrels #Squirrels4Good

by Maureen McCabe on May 30, 2012

Craig Newmark likes squirrels. Is the Craig’s List founder still paying a dollar per tweet for squirrel tweets?

The squirrels in a friend’s  Far North Columbus backyard ate his patio furniture.   Or the squirrels actually  just ate big chunks out of  three out of four patio chair cushions, they did not eat the aluminum patio furniture.


Squirrel Attack in Columbus Backyard

Or maybe the Far North Columbus squirrels did not eat the cushions maybe they just ripped the patio furniture cushions and stole the batting?  For nesting?

Tweet about squirrels to raise money:


Source: via Craig on Pinterest


Tweet to @common_squirrel

Columbus squirrel appreciation
From TEDx Columbus 2010 I love the story about what Chinese visitors remember about Columbus:


blue skies



A decision was made to change the  patio cushions…  just  hope the Columbus squirrels will behave themselves.

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