Can Creationists Cotton to Totem?

by Maureen McCabe on August 17, 2013

Could someone who believes in “Creationism” enjoy Totem?  Totem is  the Cirque du Soleil show that starts August 22, 2013 in Columbus?  Could a “Creationist” enjoy the story told in Totem?  Cirque du Soleil describes Totem as  “A fascinating journey into the evolution of mankind.”

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Can a Creationist like Totem?   A poll.



The opinion poll is not in the least scientific, but you knew that. You are smart!

Totem Cirque du Soleil


I have had a nagging question for a few months that I feel I must ask… Could those among us who do not believe in evolution enjoy Cirque du Soleils’ 2013 performance of Totem? Totem is about evolution. has a drawing coming up for two tickets to the September 10, 2013 performance of Totem at the Ohio Expo Center. The pair of tickets to Totem are from Live Nation.  In July Leanna won two tickets to see Totem in September by commenting on a post on  The focus in the July Totem “raffle” was on acrobatics.


Could someone who does not believe in evolution enjoy Cirque du Soleil’s Totem? The focus in the August “raffle” on which starts Sunday August 18, 2013 is the story of Totem.   Or creation stories…  different cultures have different stories to explain life.


The Bible Belt

Almost 20 years ago about five years after I moved to Columbus from the Dayton area, I remember a new friend telling me that Dayton was “Bible Belt” but Columbus was NOT “Bible Belt.” I was never sure if the Bible Belt would show up on a map. I am not originally from Dayton. I am originally from a frozen state to the north (no not Michigan…) far from the Bible Belt.

I wondered in the 1990s  if my friends perception that Dayton was more Bible Belt than Columbus was more to do with size of the two cities than with Dayton being more religious or more fundamentalist than Columbus.  Size matters?

A 2012 article in  Atlantic Cities  “The Real Boundaries of the Bible Belt” written by Richard Florida displaying a Gallup poll map about “religiousity” shows all of Ohio above a line… Is that line the Bible Belt?  The Gallup Poll maps shows the US southern states as decidedly more religious than other states (EXCEPT Utah.)  Ohio on a whole is religious than Kentucky according to that map but just as religious as the state I grew up in if you look at the Gallup poll map…  the map and the data are by state.  Columbus and Dayton are lumped together with Cleveland, Cinci, Akron, etc. and all the small towns and rural areas that make up Ohio.

There is a big difference between “religiousity”, Bible Belt and “Creationism” though isn’t there?

Back to school has come and gone for some central Ohio school districts. Others start this week.  A Dayton, Ohio area suburb tried in 2013 (or maybe it was late 2012) to bring in to the public school district  a science program that some described as “Creationism.”    The course was to be taught as a science course?

Could  a “creationist” enjoy the story told in Totem?

“Creationism the doctrine that matter and all things were created, substantially as they now exist, by an omnipotent Creator, and not gradually evolved or developed.”

Thanks!  which also provided for this for the word “creationist” the “the religious reaction to Darwin, opposed to evolution, it is attested from 1880.”

I’d also like to thank for the phrase “cotton to”   for “enjoy.”  You know like the word “like.”’s  poll about whether Creationists could enjoy Totem is NOT in the least scientific….

The first drawing for two tickets to Totem on was about acrobatics.  The August 2013 drawing for two tickets to Totem on which starts tomorrow is about the story told in Totem.  The way to enter the drawing is to comment on the July 18, 2013 post.  You can comment daily for a week for a chance to win the two tickets to Totem.   Leanna won the two tickets to Totem from Live Nation that raffled off in July.  Leanna won those tickets by commenting religiously (daily) on about Totem. 

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1 Jeanne August 18, 2013 at 07:38 pm

“Life began for me when I entered into consciousness.”

2 Maureen McCabe August 18, 2013 at 08:01 pm

I am guessing Jeanne’s comment belongs on the August 18, 2013 post…

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