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by Maureen McCabe on November 10, 2007

OhioColumbus bloggers did you go?  Ohio bloggers?

Town Hall Meeting – “Keep it Made in America” town hall meetings

I did not go. 

I first heard about the Town Hall Meeting from a Cleveland blogger… Carole Cohen (Goodness Carole’s got a new WordPress blog now, Cleveland Real Estate News, she had a blog last time I checked in with her… I can not keep up…)   I would not commit to going to the town hall meeting ahead of time..  I did not even reply to Carole’s email notifying me about the town hall meeting…  I kept changing my mind about going or not going. 

Carole obviously heard about it directly because of what she blogs about.   Issues, politics, jobs, the economy.   

I am not that political.  Politics scares me.  Instead I went to a builders open house in Galena (out in the boondocks..wonderful area and it is closer than it used to be but it gets dark out in the boondocks..)  instead.  I could blog about the food or the pretty decorating.  Or I could tell you about taking a wrong turn in the country, in the dark… thank goodness all roads lead back to Columbus.  I guess I could have got totally turned around and hit Cleveland, hopefully I would have had the sense to turn around.  Actually I would have run out of gas long before I hit Cleveland…   

I went out to the new subdivision via Worthington Road… but ended up coming back by Route 3 through Westerville, if I had turned the wrong way I would have been headed to Cleveland.   Isn’t Route 3 the 3C Highway, Cincinnati to Cleveland by way of Columubs?

I wondered why the town hall meeting about manufacturing was in Columbus and not Cleveland.  If the meeting had been in Cleveland it would have been more convenient for Carole and I would feel less guilt….

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1 Reeses Peanut Team November 10, 2007 at 01:13 pm

I felt guilty as well, especially as I saw a news clip on the meeting prior to the event. Given my concern about lead in pet toys made in China, I really should have gone.

Decided to pass on the ‘harvest’ party … I’ll check out the new area sometime when I’m over there. A wrong turn?? But aren’t you EE’s GPS?

2 Maureen McCabe November 10, 2007 at 02:18 pm

I think it had more to do with keeping jobs in the US than keeping an eye on foreign products or keeping foreign products out of the US… but what do I know…

I had a map but it was dark and I had a car on my tail and I coudn’t remember if it had been left, right, left so should be right, left, right for the return or vice versa. I went left and I was obviously east of Worthington Rd. It’s easier to be a GPS sitting in a room with a computer and lights than it is in the dark with headlights blinding you in the mirror trying to do right, left, right in your brain. I don’t know right from left to begin with except if I look at my hands. East and west disappear with cloudy weather and dark.

3 Reeses Peanut Team November 10, 2007 at 07:12 pm

Yes, you’re right about keeping jobs here in the US, however, when the “Cheers” guy was speaking in the news report, he referenced the lead problem has occurred due to manufacturers sending jobs overseas to make cheaper products.

You should have just gone up Africa then right on Cheshire. Then all you would have had to be concerned about would be hitting a deer on Africa. ;-)

4 Maureen McCabe November 10, 2007 at 11:24 pm

I never saw any news reports about it…

I did go up Africa Road, from Worthington Rd. Coming back I made a wrong turn and ended up too far east, so I turned on Route 3. I was on my way to Minerva Park next so I could have got to Minerva Park from Route 3 but it made more sense to take Polaris Parkway to Cleveland Ave. I had planned to take Africa Rd. to Polaris to Cleveland Ave from the neighborhood on Cheshire.

5 Carole Cohen November 11, 2007 at 01:32 am

LOL well I can help you with the guilt; I decided if I wasn’t going to get to see the two of you while there I would not go :-)

6 Carole Cohen November 11, 2007 at 01:34 am

Ok I also had two clients and two closings and just couldn’t go. But if you guys were going well……. lolol

7 Maureen McCabe November 11, 2007 at 09:04 am

now I really feel guilty and envious.. two clients and two closings.

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