Best Dressed at HER Real Living

by Maureen McCabe on October 31, 2005

As  promised earlier on Columbus Best Blog Friday October 7, 2005  Worthington HER Real Living celebrated Lee Denim Day.  Contributions of $338 were collected for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.


There were Lee Jeans, Levi Jeans, no name jeans and designer jeans.  There were jeans jackets and denim coats and dresses. The youngest jeans wearer was seven week old __________ who made a guest appearance in a pair of  jeans from The Gap.  The oldest jeans wearer declined to identify herself.  Generous contributions were made by agents wearing jeans and agents who could not wear jeans alike.


Contributors were fed their choice of a ’lite healthy breakfast’ or  “mimosas and doughnuts”  in a challenge.   Thanks to Scott Bentley of Real Living Mortage,  Dorothy Khorasani of Chicago Title  and Tom Holcombe manager of Worthington HER Real Living for providing the breakfast choices.


“Lite and healthy” beat “alcohol and greasy”!


This was first posted on the original Columbus Best Blog and transplanted to when that blog was shut down.

Edited December 2, 2011  The kids mother made a comment tonight that I posted the kids name is all over the Internet?  This is the only instance I can find.  This somehow poses a security threat to the family.  Yes the  child’s mother has issues.

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