Worthington Square Photos

by Maureen McCabe on August 8, 2010

Worthington Mall signHey Worthington who has photos of Worthington Square? Old photos?

From the beginning?

From the early years?

I went on the walk a few weeks ago…  the walk of the Wilson Bridge Road Corridor from the Community Center to Olentangy Park… one of the photos I took that day was of the Worthington Mall entrance in July 2010.  That photo must be on my Posterous, Columbus Life…

I went to see what Bird Houck came up with Wednesday night (August 4, 2010.)

Who has photos or memories of what the mall in Worthington  was like in the beginning?  Was it called a mall? Or was the word “mall” later?  Was it called Worthington Square Shopping Center?

What year was Worthington Square enclosed?   Anyone have photos of what the mall looked like before it was enclosed?

Worthington Mall interior

Know of anyone who would have photos of Worthington Square way back when? When someone inquired if I have photos I wondered if Don O’Brien would have photos.  Don O’Brien grew up W. Wilson Bridge Rd in the 1930′s and 1940s.  His family (he, his wife and children) lived out on Sunbury Road in the 1950s.  Don O’Brien is Dok1 on Flickr.  His old Worthington photos are always interesting to me. Dok1′s Flicker Photostream

Worthington Square – on DiscoverColumbusOH.com

When Worthington’s W. Wilson Bridge Rd. Moved late 1960′s…  no mall there yet…

Wilson Bridge Road Corridor

Originally posted on WorthingtonOldandNews.com a site that focuses on the Worthington area and it’s history.

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