The Sky is Falling

by Maureen McCabe on April 9, 2008

Or maybe it’s just Skybus Airlines.   The demise of Skybus Airlines which was based in Columbus was news last week… into this week.

Last week Friday I had a comment on one of my Columbus blogs from a family member of someone who lost his job wanting Columbus to boycott the business.  I could not tell if it was a prank.  The reason the Grandview based business dismissed the employee was because the business  could not afford to pay the employee…   Gee I’d hate to see an economic boycott of a local company force more employees out on the street.  It is a very competitive business.

If the news of 450 Skybus employees hitting the streets of Columbus looking for employment wasn’t so fresh in my brain… I might not read of one person losing his job and the call for a boycott of the business is critically.

A friend emailed me a link to  a comment left on her blog about a new Central Ohio neighborhood.  The Powell neighborhood is under construction.  The person who left the comment is bad mouthing the developer and the neighborhood  because the neighborhood is still under construction eight months after he/she closed…  Not a particularly good move if you want to motivate people to buy in your neighborhood.

These people used to have to send a letter to the editor to vent their spleen now they have the internet…

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