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by Maureen McCabe on July 29, 2013 your concession stand on smartphones

Brookside Country Club pool concessionBrookside Golf & Country Club in the Worthington area was the first place in central Ohio to offer the SnagMobile app to their members.  The central Ohio country club is the first country club or golf course  in the world to go mobile on concessions with!  The Country Club added the convenience for their members in July 2013.  Brookside Golf & Country Club offered members the mobile service on the golf course “at the turn” and at their pool. Smart move Brookside.

Brookside Country Club on the Cutting  Edge

A  smart concession standSnagMobile application on the iPad

Two of SnagMobile’s co-founders Dan Cody and Peter Yeager  came up with the idea of a mobile app for concession orders as they  stood in a beer line for 45 minutes missing the action at a hockey game.

Will other Columbus venues offer their customers this convenience in the future?  The convenience of the mobile concession app has proven itself at stadiums.  According to Brookside Golf & Country Club Marketing Director, Julia Volino, a Brookside member was impressed with the app after experiencing it at  the “Home of the Lake Erie Crushers” in Avon, Ohio.

Dan Cody is the managing partner and Chief Operating Officer at and  can be reached at  855 395-7624.  is FREE

Snagmobile on an ipad  is free for the user.   The user can order food on their phone, pay for the food and take delivery quickly.  Food and beverage may be delivered to the customer or an express pick-up window for mobile orders is another option for a business.  Better options than missing a half hour to 45 minutes of a game or match because you need a beer or a burger.  is free for the venue.  Advertising pays for the mobile website that appears on the user’s smartphone with menu, pictures of  food, prices, etc.  The investment for the business to offer this service to their customers? An iPad.

Concession services at  casinos, hotels,  pools, stadiums

At Brookside Golf & Country Club QR codes at the pool and golf course turn a members smartphone into a mobile concession stand.

Brookside Golf Course



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