“Ehremagard” Columbus Real Estate News

by Maureen McCabe on October 30, 2012

Harley Sr and HER Realtors signsI heard about the Columbus, Ohio real estate news about 1:00 on Monday.  I was talking on the phone when someone told me the Columbus real estate news. He assumed I knew.   The official email did not come through to my phone when agents with Real Living HER were notified of a change, Monday morning.    I thought “Ehremagard”  right away. I did NOT say “Ehremagard” on the phone to the Real Living HER agent who I was talking to.

I doubt he knows the “Ehremagard” meme.

Apologies if you are unfamiliar with the “Ehremagard” meme.

The Columbus real estate news was there on my email.  It came through while I was with a bunch of Real Living HER agents in Delaware County. I have to wonder if I would have said “Ehremagard” in front of them.  It was kind of “Ehremagard” news.  I got Goosebumps.

I talked to a friend who certainly would not have understood “Ehremagard” who was going about her day oblivious to the news.  I think she said “Oh my…” but she does not lisp.  I doubt she knows the meme.

“Ehremagard” Columbus real estate news

The official Columbus real estate news is on my Columbus real estate site and my Delaware County real estate site in the sidebar here of ColumbusBestBlog.com  In a nutshell, Real Living real estate was sold by Brookfield RPS to HomeSomething or Other a Berkshire Hathaway company ( Prudential real estate was sold as well as Real Living, so that is local news too.)   Harley E. Rouda Jr. son of founder of HER Realtors (which became Real Living HER), Harley E. Rouda Sr. is going to run  the local real estate company, let’s just call it “HER” OK?   The photo here is from an old HER Realtors website, it is Harley E. Rouda Sr.  standing among HER Realtors signs.  Harley E. Rouda Sr.  passed away in 2012.  His son, who was the president of Real Living  is coming back to run HER.

It was on Columbus Business First, the Columbus Dispatch and Inman News before I said anything publicly on any of my sites. Should I have scooped it?  Bad blogger…


“Ehremagard” in a good way?  Or “Ehremagard” in a bad way?  I am going with good.  “Ehremagard what good news!”

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1 Maureen McCabe October 30, 2012 at 10:52 am

If you don’t know Ehremegard here is know your meme http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/ermahgerd

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