Columbus Tops Top 10 Tech Cities

by Maureen McCabe on March 12, 2008

Columbus tops the list of Top 10 Up-And-Coming Tech Cities which came out Monday Forbes latest cities list came out.includes  ‘In Pictures: Top 10 Up-And-Coming Tech Cities’ and says of Columbus:

“No. 1: Columbus, Ohio. In 1997, the Battelle Memorial Institute, Ohio’s largest research center, based in Columbus, managed a single lab for the U.S. Department of Energy with an annual budget of $1 billion. A decade later, Battelle oversees seven major laboratories for different federal agencies; current budget: $4 billion.”

The Forbes article written by William Pentland is based on a survey of cities done by  professor of public policy at George Mason University, Philip Auerswald.    Auerswald first looked at ”regional innovation trends” looking for:

advanced materials(?)

nano-crystals and quantum dots

polymers and plastics


cell microbiology

Auerswald then looked for patents… or relationships between patents for technical areas.  Columbus is number one on the Forbes list which includes Santa Fe NM, Pittsburgh PA, Milwaukee WI, Yuma AZ, Lake Charles LA.

Look out Silicon Valley….

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1 Wayne Long March 13, 2008 at 11:01 am

Kudos on being the #1 Up and Coming Tech city. I think that would attract me to the city. What do you think your leaders have done right to cause this?

2 Maureen McCabe March 13, 2008 at 02:00 pm

We have a tech corrider, they can take credit for.

The majority of the Forbes article is about Battelle which has been in Columbus since 1929 I believe. Battelle’s research has quadrupled since 1999, according to the article. I don’t know whether the city has given Battelle any help or incentives to increase physically.

Battelle is in the tech corridor

I hope there are patents other than those at Battelle though too. I know Dublin Ohio which is part of the Columbus MSA was honored recently for technology, different list.

I did a Qassia intel page on the top ten tech city list, and Columbus place on the Forbes list , it ended up being about Battelle mostly because that is what the Forbes article focused on. I should see if Auerswalds info is available in more detail on some academic site I will not undertand….

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