Columbus, Ohio is it Time?

by Maureen McCabe on October 16, 2012

Clock on High St, Columbus, Ohio Columbus, Ohio is getting good press!   ​It’s about time.

If you have not read some of the articles about how great it is in Columbus now, start with ‘ How Columbus, Ohio Bounced Back from the Recession’

That column is online.  That article (column)  came out in late September on Business Time.  Or is it Time Business???   Do you get Time Magazine? Or maybe it is  TIME Magazine?  I am a recent subscriber.   I get Time Magazine sometime in the future.  I have NOT subscribed to a print magazine in a while.  A couple of real estate office managers, brokers, recruiters emailed me the article in its entirety in their recruiting emails.  You can read  ‘How Columbus, Ohio Bounced Back from the Recession’ online, the whole thing.  ““The Columbus Comeback” you need to subscribe to Time Magazine.

In the Curious Capitalist column online written by Rana Foroohar  there is a link to part of  “The Columbus Comeback” also by Foroohar in the real live Time Magazine and the online version.  To read the entire magazine article, need to  become  a TIME subscriber, so I subscribed. Sucked in by some good press  about Columbus?  You betcha!   I got Time Magazine on my Kindle Fire too.  In the future.  I’ll be able to read the nice words about Columbus in another two to four weeks…. (I need a number of my mailing label to prove I am a subscriber.)  I hope I will have access back in time to September, October 2012 content online.

Columbus skyline June 2012

Personally I was after more immediate gratification, really but I will wait.  I read the article in my mailbox twice.   They (Columbus, Ohio real estate brokerage recruiters) must be subscribers and have paid for the rights. Right? The rights to republish the post to those they are trying to get to change brokerages.  Or maybe it’s just all about me? Maybe they were personal notes… a little news clipping,  private, in my email, only.  ;-)

How does the writer in Time Magazine describe Columbus, Ohio? In “The Columbus Comeback”   in the TIME Magazine teaser?  the bit everyone can read online (link in the ‘ How Columbus, Ohio Bounced Back from the Recession’ link above.)

“This low-key, Middle American metropolis of about 800,000 is becoming something of a celebrity city, talked up in a recent New York Times Magazine piece on the success of Ohio and visited more than a dozen times by presidential and vice-presidential candidates.”  


There is a third article about Columbus in the New York Times Magazine.  It’s a long article.

Maybe the traffic jams, telephone calls and TV commercials are worth it?  Does the press saying nice things about Columbus make it worth getting stuck in traffic when a candidate comes to town?  The polling phone calls?  For me nothing could make up for all those political TV commercials.

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