Columbus Locksmith or Internet scam?

by Maureen McCabe on May 8, 2010

Columbus Locksmith  or  scam?  or Just an Internet business that hires spammers?  In the link “his” comment creates I notice other citeis on the bottom of the site.   I wondered if it is someone doing referral business to Locksmiths… in Columbus and other markets?

I had someone leave a few comments identifying himself as “Chris Columbus”  using the seal of the City of Columbus as his avatar. Clever? Actually more creepy than clever.  “Chris Columbus’  first commented on a post about a Columbus Yoga studio. The attraction?  SPAM.  He wrote he is  a comment spammer.  He was attracted to a post where I mention  SPAM. Here is his first comment:

“Phew! I think I got stressed out reading that! :P

Don’t get all bent about spammers. Lots of us are actually just nice people stuck in an office creating links to make a living.

I still like to read the blogs I comment on. It makes this job fun, and every now and then I get to talk to some interesting people.

By the way, I own the rights to the phrase “365 things to do in Columbus”. I’m going to have to ask you to change yours to 366.”

His comments are there but both links have now been removed.  He left another message after that.   I never published it.  What is the point of  banter with a spammer?  The Chris Columbus thing was creepy.  The Columbus seal was creepy.  The links to the site were creepy and that was before…  reading that it could be more. Comments are going to moderation now.  I thought at the time of his first comment  “How much business could a Columbus locksmith have to need to hire a spammer to leave links to their site?”

I have no way of knowing if the site leaving comments on my blog is just a referral business or something worse.  Do you?

Here’s some information about a ‘national’ Locksmith scam originally from Jay a home inspector.  How to Pick a Lock… smith that is an icky business model. Of course I have no way of knowing if  “Chris Columbus” is just a bored spammer for a locksmith referral  business or more.

Under the circumstance when it comes to locksmith,  local seems a lot safer.  Let your fingers do the walking though the yellow pages…  Do you know a good local locksmith to recommend?  A real Columbus locksmith?

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1 spammer May 30, 2012 at 06:03 am

Locksmith in locks must be a professional with knowledge of lock, repair, remodeling, and assembly.

2 Maureen McCabe May 30, 2012 at 06:13 am

Move along spammer. Your link was removed. You have to use a name to leave a comment on this site. Link to Columbus Locksmith removed.

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