Clues in Columbus Airline's Death…

by Maureen McCabe on April 7, 2008

Clue Game Cover Skybus is filing bankruptcy today…


“Aircrew Buzz” a travel industry site says the clues were there before Friday and of course they were, they were possibly easier to see from outside Columbus. Those in the industry seem to have some info we did not hear about from the local news…


Was it high fuel costs, as the Skybus website said on Friday? Four airlines folded last week. Or was Skybus murdered? For what it’s worth I would have bet it was Colonel Mustard in the drawing room with the candlestick….


A travel blog Elliot written by Chris Elliot said:


“Who killed Skybus Airlines? Here’s the surprising answer”


Was it Miss Management with a knife in the boardroom?

“The former Skybus manager says one executive in particular was to blame for poor morale. The executive, my source continues, had only one main concern: “Hire young pretty flight attendants with big boobs, and do not hire anyone fat.”

Was it snotty bloggers? Bloggers… lots of travel bloggers including Chris Elliott were very critical of the Skybus customer service or lack there of…Was Skybus’ death by it’s own hand?


Or was it Skybus itself with a rope in the hanger? Did Skybus commit suicide because the pilots wanted to unionize? Both and Aircrew Buzz mention the pilots wanted to unionize.

The Skybus Airlines website said of the 10 month old airline:

“Skybus Airlines will cease all operations effective Saturday, April 5.

Skybus struggled to overcome the combination of rising jet fuel costs and a slowing economic environment. These two issues proved to be insurmountable for a new carrier.

We deeply regret the impact this decision will have on our employees and their families, customers, vendors, suppliers, airport officials and others in the cities in which we have operated. Our financial condition is such that our Board of Directors felt it had no choice but to cease operations.

Passengers holding reservations for Skybus flights scheduled to depart on or after Saturday, April 5, 2008 should contact their credit card companies to arrange to apply for a refund. More information for customers and others will be made available on the Skybus web site ( as it becomes available.

All flights for Friday, April 4 will be completed. Passengers holding reservations on flights for Friday, April 4 should check in for their flight at a Skybus kiosk at the airport instead of the Skybus website. “

The Aircrew Buzz article Skybus Airlines Folds

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1 no one important April 7, 2008 at 09:24 am

Before we get too deep in this. Let’s see what develops before we point fingers. The Skybus model, just like the Ryanair model is sound.

2 ltblunt April 7, 2008 at 04:16 pm

This completely sucks for the many folks who are stuck someplace unfamiliar. People are very vulnerable when traveling and it is a crime to take advantage of them. I hope that the executives over at Skybus end up before a Senate Hearing this fall!

Edited out a second instance of his link

3 Maureen McCabe April 7, 2008 at 10:36 pm

ltblunt Don’t comment spam.

4 MrBadExample April 8, 2008 at 12:28 pm

One should take a look and see who invested in this debacle.

Would you be surprised to know that the Columbus Dispatch was a key investor in Skybus?

Ever notice how completely biased the Dispatch was when it came to glowing press coverage?

Anyone find this information unsettling? IMO the Dispatch was morally & ethically obligated to disclose its ownership interest in Skybus. I guess the concept of journalistic integrity is an “old School” idea for the bean counters at the Columbus Dispatch.

Let’s wait and see how much the executives get from the pile of cash left over as a “Reward” for their efforts.

5 Maureen McCabe April 8, 2008 at 10:42 pm

“Would you be surprised to know that the Columbus Dispatch was a key investor in Skybus”

Not in the least..

Would anyone in Columbus be surprised that the Columbus Dispatch was one of the initial investors in Skybus? If you lived in Columbus and did not know the Dispatch was an investor what rock are you living under?

I’ll go back and look for biased coverage of Skybus.

I don’t remember that what I read in the Columbus Dispatch about Columbus did not have a disclaimer on it that the Wolfe (Wolf? Wolff family) and some Columbus Dispatch business vernture was one of the investors that provided the seed money.

Thanks for the comment.

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