Central Ohio Small Businesses

by Maureen McCabe on August 25, 2007

business peopleI got Yelped on Tuesday.  Or I became a member of Yelp.

I am on Linked-In

I am on Facebook

I Twitter when absolutely necessary.  I even have followers on Twitter. It makes me paranoid.

I keep saying I am going to say no…. I am not going to join the next thing a friend sends me an invitation to.  Everytime I say I am going to say NO to the next invite , say NO to all the social networking, say NO to more web 2.0 but I did it again I filled out the bare minimum so now I am on Yelp too.

I guess on Yelp you do reviews of businesses.  I’ve known about Yelp for a few months.

I met a couple who own a small Central Ohio business  on Sunday at an Open House in Minerva Park.  They rode  up on their bikes.  The name of their business is Squeaky Clean of Westerville.

I was talking to someone earlier in the day Sunday who wondered how much it would be to have a house and deck power washed.  That is their business.   Or part of it.  They also paint and do handy man type stuff I believe…

Blaine and Lindsey Allen, Squeaky Clean, phone 614-835-9632  Squeaky Clean of Westerville, their website tells all the stuff they do.  Bath tub re-glazing… I’ve never used them obviously but they do free estimates.

I think I thought Columbus Best Blog, the first Columbus Best Blog  would become a bloggy Angie’s List or something like that  when I first started it.  The original Columbsu Best Blog is now known as  Discover Columbus oh my goodness, oh my soul the delusions of Angie’s List was the first Columbus Best Blog entry on August 27, 2005!)  It did not turn out that way…It still could  or not…

Friday evening I went looking to see Angie’s List online, see how it worked but their server is down.  So I visited a Knaddison.com a blog in Denver with a post called “Why Angies List Sucks” which has been very popular with Angie’s List Supporters.

The Knaddison’s Greg and wife have a list :

“Best Service Providers
These are the best service providers according to me.
The Best of Denver and the Baker Neighborhood”

Then Knaddison.com has a list… of who they recommend in Denver. Gosh I wonder what rain pants are?

A list of the best in town… that was the plan for Columbus Best Blog.

After the list it says:

“You can get more of my thoughts by trusting my lijit profile.”

Oh my…. I am a member of lijit too….

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