An agonizing decision… the grass is greener

by Maureen McCabe on May 10, 2011

The Nablopomo prompt for today is

“What decision is currently weighing on your mind?”


NaBloPoMo May 2011

Maybe 2011

Nablopomo is National Blog Posting Month.  Monday through Friday there are prompts.  If you look at the calendar on my site I blew it Saturday.  I missed posting until almost 4 AM on Sunday. I posted a post for Saturday and another later in the day for Sunday.  I was going to the Worthington Farmers Market  and the plant sale on Saturday morning and take a gorgeous photo of something and use that as my Nablopomo post for Saturday…. but I had to schedule some last-minute showing appointments instead…. (business is getting better?)  The grass is getting greener in Central Ohio with all the rain how could our grass be anything but green.


“What decision is currently weighing on your mind?”

A friend’s decision is weighing more on my mind than anything of  mine.  Of course I can not tell you much… confidentiality and all that.    I think it comes down to a “Grass is Greener” decision personally so when asked if I wanted to find out about how green the grass is I said “Thanks but no thanks.”  Gee,  I hope I remembered to say  “thanks.”

Were you aware of the “Grass is Greener Here” campaign from the Columbus Board of REALTORS?  I don’t think I ever mentioned that campaign here or anywhere…  I believe I wrote a post but never had the heart to post it.   I woulda posted any  “Grass is Greener Here” post on Discover Columbus Ohio – Columbus Ohio real estate lots of real estate market news there but I never posted it. I thought the “Grass is Greener Here” campaign was 2007? Nope looks like the ” Grass is Greener Here” campaign was 2008.  I find an ActiveRain (a real estate network) post from a Keller Williams agent in 2008 and a video shared by Coldwell Banker on YouTube in 2008.   The point of the “Grass is Greener Here” campaign was our Central Ohio real estate market was not the same as the rest of the country, the “Grass is Greener Here” in Central Ohio. The idea was to tell consumers that there were less foreclosures here than what you would expect from national news coverage.

Here’s the Channel 10 News  video shared on by Coldwell Banker for the “Grass is Greener here” campaign.  98 views since 2008 when the video was posted.

The Channel 10 News video about the ‘Grass is Greener Here’ campaign shows a number of Columbus real estate brokerage’s sign’s… Re/Max signs, Coldwell Banker signs, Real Living HER signs…

Isn’t the grass getting green in Central Ohio now?  Everywhere?  Most places… Getting greener every day.


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1 MaureenMcCabe May 10, 2011 at 12:02 pm

I mentioned the ‘Grass is Greener Here’ campaign in ‘Columbus is the glass half full?’ post…. I can not edit in that comment. I tried. It makes the video disappear… I could keep wrestling with it… no thanks.

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