WORST real estate blog

by Maureen McCabe on October 19, 2010

The WORST real estate blog fodder?

Not the WORST Columbus real estate blog or any blog in particular but the worst thing you find on real estate blogs.  Look here if you need ideas…  ActiveRain real estate network.  ActiveRain can be  the best of real estate blogging, the worst of real estate blogging…  trying to sound literary.  A Tale of Two Cities.

Usually ColumbusBestBlog.com worries about the best in Columbus but what is the WORST real estate blogging subject…  It’s a poll.  If you are in the real estate industry, please, please, please, don’t vote.

Should real estate agents not blog about their listings?  What they sold?   Dog blogging?  Cat blogging?  The real estate market? Spinning the local market?  Positive pieces about why YOU should  BUY a house from THEM now?  Pantyhose polling?  Big hair? Real estate agents trying to sound like they have read a book?

Again not talking Columbus real estate blogs here necessarily but real estate blogs in general.

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