Why Columbus Ohio Waffle Houses are the best in the world…

by Maureen McCabe on July 11, 2007

From someplace in North Carolina Rudy of Sellsius Blog and more recently BlogTour USA gazes into the ash tray at a Waffle House and then into the spoon.

Last fall…The Sellsius° Real Estate Blog guys did an experiment. Rudy wrote about it on ActiveRain afterward (he wrote about it on Sellsius Blog of course… I just can’t find it there) In a Blogging Experiment of Matrix Proportions:

“”Some of you may have noticed that we have not written a single post or commented anywhere in the blogosphere for the last 7 days. Why? That’s a good question. Are we crazy? Some may think so. Unfortunately, we’re not. Well maybe just a little.”

I saw only the first Matrix movie. It went way over my head but is this summer BlogTour USA an experiment in dropping in rather than dropping out?

Back to why Columbus has the best Waffle Houses. I like Waffle House. I think I first met Waffle House on a trip from Ohio to Florida. The Waffle House on 161 at 71 is great for people watching… pretty much the same for the Waffle House at Westerville Rd and 270… near 161? I have not ate at the Waffle House at Roberts Road and 270 in years but I am sure it is colorful. There’s at least one Waffle House in Grove City.

The Waffle House at Polaris is tame in comparison to most but it is the closest for me. Less drunks, less strippers. Heck maybe no strippers. Probably five years ago now I visited the Waffle House at 161 and 71 right in front of a “Gentlemans Club”? in the middle of the night. Interesting clientele. All Waffle House visits are measured against that Waffle House visit for entertainment value.

Usually I bring a book when I visit the Waffle House at Polaris in the middle of the night. One Waffle House Polaris visit I did not need a book because there was a diverse group. One fella sat at my table and talked to me for awhile, showed me where he was missing teeth. Other times at the Polaris Waffle House I have needed my book because there is a smaller, quieter, more reserved group of diners in the middle of the night. Or I am the clientele

The nice thing to me about all Columbus Waffle Houses for the last couple of years is that there are not ashtrays on the tables… so I noticed the ashtray pictures on the BlogTour USA entry right away. That must go for all Ohio Waffle Houses now…. as small as the average Waffle House is you would always come out stinking of cigarettes in the old days. Always good people watching but you paid the price.

Sellsius Real Estate Blog – The Spoon last fall….think about the BlogTour USA, is it just another experiment? This time rather than withdrawing from the world they are immersing themselves in the world… In July if you see two men and a video camera in a Waffle House (or a Panera Bread, or a Mexican restauarant… lots of places….) say hi to Joe and Rudy.

No Smoking

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West of Columbus? Coming to a city near you soon… check the BlogTour USA site for stops in Detroit Michigan, Chicago, Minneapolis – St. Paul, Denver…. good people watching.

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1 jf.sellsius July 11, 2007 at 08:37 pm

You have obviously figured out the method to our madness. Yes, we are doing another blogging experiment which requires us to go offline.

2 MaureenMcCabe July 12, 2007 at 06:44 pm

You made the local weekly papers here today, or BlogTour USA did. I guess it should be no surprise it is in Bill Evans (President of Real Living HER’s) column.

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