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by Maureen McCabe on September 17, 2013

Columbus Pedal Wagon

Spelling things RIGHT on ColumbusBestBlog.com

I had trouble spelling the word “pedal” on ColumbusBestBlog.com, for a drawing of a party on the Columbus Pedal Wagon.  I spelled it “peddle” over and over… even after Stuart Naeny, the manager of the Columbus Pedal Wagon brought it to my attention, it was hard not to spell “Pedal” as  “Peddle.”

Columbus Peddle Wagon Party: Win It

Pedal -  a foot lever  on a bike. On a motor vehicle of course there is a gas pedal and a brake pedal.  There are pedals on a musical instrument.

Peddle – to sell something 

Definitions of peddle mention “door to door”  selling or traveling salesmen.

Pedal is a noun or a verb.  According to Dictionary.com pedal  can be a verb used without object or a verb used with object.  Peddle is a verb.   Peddle can be used with or without an object too.  Hmmmm…

I am a relatively good at spelling.  Or I was.  I like me some spellcheck though for the words I have trouble with, separate, possession, refrigerator and lightning.  I recently discovered the word vegetable 

was a challenge for me.  Who knew?  I wanted to spell it “vegtable.”   

HER LC sign

Social media spelling won’t count in the future

A woman who was an employee of the Columbus Ohio real estate brokerage I work for whom I remember being named Alexandra Wright… Alex Wright said … and I am paraphrasing here… “spelling won’t count” about the future.     Alex was in the marketing department of  HER Real Living or Real Living HER or whatever the central Ohio brokerage name was named at the time.  The brokerage is named  HER Realtors now.  It has been HER Realtors for months now…  On some things like the mls  (the multiple listing service of the Columbus Board of REALTORS), the name of the Columbus brokerage seemed to have NEVER changed.

Spelling won’t count in the future was part of the message at a company meeting.  I believe the time when Alex Wright said that spelling did  not count was  in 2007 but I could be wrong… It may have been 2008.  As I remember it, the talk that Alex gave about social media was Kaira Rouda’s talk.   The talk was at least five years ago.   A California based real estate social media guru was the headliner at the HER meeting.  His presentation was flashier but I remember Alex Wright’s talk better.

I was very active on ActiveRain (a national real estate network) and a lot of the conversation there was REAL-A-TORs criticizing one another for spelling something wrong.  Or  other   issues worth bickering over…

Drum Peddles

Looking for definitions of pedal and pedal I found a link to a pretty big how to site on the Internet with a video about “Drum Peddles”

“How to Arrange Drum Peddles”


Selling drums?  No the “How to”  video is about foot levers on the percussion instrument not selling.  I had a nagging feeling about the word drummer though and this is a quote from Dictionary.com… in addition to a definition that a drummer is someone who plays drums a definition of drummer is “a commercial traveler or traveling sales representative.” 

Spelling Rulz

On a recent “drawing” on ColumbusBestBlog.com (for tickets to Totem from Live Nation Columbus)  I said spelling did not count.  My site, my rules.   The rules were on the second post in the series and not the original post that people needed to comment on to qualify.  Someone fretting about having not said “Life began” to start a comment made me post #7.

  1. Spelling does not count.
  2. Grammar does not matter
  3. Punctuation does not count.
  4. Word count does not matter.   Can you tell a creation story with minimal words?  Have at it.
  5. The creation story does not have to make sense.  Myths don’t make a lot of sense… to me anyway.
  6. The creation story can be original.  The creations story can be a creation myth of a culture (don’t cut and paste a myth here please, just paraphrase the story or part of  the story here.)   Or tell part of the Native American creation story told in the maze at Inniswood Garden.
  7. You don’t have to start the story with “Life began_____”
  8. Spambots are disqualified from participating!
  9.  Use a name.
  10. Put your email address in the E-mail box.

Apologies to the Columbus Peddle Wagon for misspelling their name over and over.  Spelling things right still counts.

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