Social Media Plan 2008

by Maureen McCabe on January 9, 2008

@ signThis is more about me than it is about Columbus. Excuse me. It’s my social media plan for 2008. What social networks are you on?

Bob Carney of Frederick M.D. started it.. on his – Social Networking Tips and Business Plan Bob is only going to do six “social networks in 2008… I am afraid to count mine…

My Facebook Profile

My Linkedin Profile

I have a itty bitty piece o’space on … I joined. I have never added anything to the profile. I have a friend.

I am on Plaxo Pulse

I am on Twitter I actually enjoy Twitter.. it took me a long time to like Twitter. Posting 140 characters never hurt anyone.  EDIT I am on Twitter but that is not me anymore.  I use @MoinColumbusOH and have for months.  Someone else took that name and it is NOT me.

I am on, a “Real Estate Network.” I’ve contributed some to ‘s through ActiveRain.

Oh my goodness I just thought of another “Real Estate Network” I joined about the same time… the spam seems to have stopped… I forgot about it. I am not going to name it here…

I have a blog which is part of an “emerging” yet old as dirt real estate network, They recently announced a merger with I have been a member of the RealTown network longer than any other social network really, reading their ListServ for the real estate industry, RealTalk which is now a RealTown community. is made up of blogs, communities, articles and more. Personally I find the RealTown platform disjointed and difficult to maneuever. I have a RealTown Blog …. Discover Columbus which dates back to August 2005. I stopped participating in the RealTown communities because of heavy handed censorship by the “powers that be” at RealTown and Internet Crusade. Or maybe they stopped me from participating in RealTalk and BlogTalk. I appreciate that their censorship and editing has not ever crept onto my RealTown Blog.

I have a second blog on … I guess you know that You Are Here. Thanks

Locally I have enjoyed attending a couple of meetings of the Columbus Social Media Cafe and joined their network on

Actually that is just one of the Ning Social Networks I belong too…six… but I have not been on most of them in weeks.. I started one to see what starting a social network would feel like.

Another network I joined but have not participated in as started by a local buider. I feel bad that it did not remain local and that it is overrun by a bunch of the same people who I know from other real estate social networks.

Then there’s UPWorld, BlogHer,’s Voices, Real Estate Voices, and it seems like a zillion more… that I am ignoring. I often feel spammed by a lot of “friends” on but at least no one throws sheep.

Previously about Social Media on

Buckeyes vs. LSU – a Twitter

Buckeye Nation group on Facebook

Central Ohio Small Businesses

Columbus Social Media Cafe

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1 dave January 9, 2008 at 11:00 am

I think Digg, Reddit, Fark, etc., are visited exclusively by 10 year olds.

Regarding the social networking sites. Everytime I see the HR gang dawdling in the cafeteria with all the time in the world, I run to pull my presence from the web. If you’re your own business person, networking is crucial for survival. If you’re in a big company and your profile’s all over a bored hr person’s desk, not so good for survival. Maybe paranoia, but I pulled my linkedin and others. Never know how information can be interpretted.

2 Maureen McCabe January 9, 2008 at 11:19 am

I forgot about Fark and Reddit… I dislike

That is interesting about the different perspective!

It ALL makes me very paranoid.

3 buckblog January 9, 2008 at 09:06 pm

Wow, how do you have time for real estate?


4 Ginger Wilcox January 10, 2008 at 01:08 am

You are making my head spin! I just heard about Plaxo Pulse- multiple requests in the last few days. I think it is important to create a plan. There are just too many! I need one dashboard to feed them all!

5 Maureen McCabe January 10, 2008 at 09:14 am


The only thing that takes anytime the way I am using any of the Social Media sites is deleting spam and ducking sheep.

And the two blogs. Blogging does take time. I only post on ActiveRain about once a week so it takes very little time. Having a plan there has paid off.

I don’t do any of the other stuff on RealTown because it would be an investment of time that I do not see a pay off for. RT is NOT intuitive to get around so I can’t use it.

Not reading directions or setting up profiles on the social media sites have saved me a lot of time. Probably not the best way to use social media though…

I joined MySpace months ago and have no profile, no time involved there. I have an account on Facebook and it does take too much time to delete the spam in my mailbox but Facebook is just fed my blogs so there is no work involved there. I joined Facebook last spring or summer and probably have a pretty sketchy profile there.

I have less than 50% of a profile on Linkedin.

I don’t look for people on any of the sites except Twitter Finding pople there is pretty easy.

I wait for people to find me and add me as a friend. Someone Twittered for me to add him as a friend on Facebook the other day and I think that may have been the first time I added a friend on Facebook. Or maybe I had long ago when I first joined.

I have never until yesterday tried the thing where a site search your address books on other social media platforms. I don’t read directions on anything so I did end up sending an invite ( for Trust? ) to someone who is not a member. Someone from Spock is in another comment on this blog, telling me I did not read directions. Duh! Of course I did not.
That’s the point of the blog…

I like Spock though and I don’t see it as a site that will involve work for me.

Twitter did not take anytime to set up and does not generate any spam so that is one reason I now after about 9 months appreciate Twitter. I don’t do Twitter from my phone.

Plaxo Pulse I joined more recently… it is an address book? I don’t have any idea how much of a presence I have there. If I am supposed to do a profile I have not done one. PP is designed to save time?? I have not had a lot of spam from it so I like it better than some.

Blogging and social media are part of real estate… this is what the real estate gurus are telling the industry we have to spend time doing for leads. It’s that or pay for leads.

Ginger ,
A SM (social media) dashboard may be the application that people would pay money for.

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