"She's a Brick House"

by Maureen McCabe on May 3, 2007

brick Remember Teri Lussier? Teri of Huber Heights Ohio brought us (all three of the readers of ColumbusBestBlog.com and me ) news of the hot topic of adult entertainment at the Ohio Statehouse on her blog TheBrickRanch.com The adult entertainment is not at the Statehouse in Columbus, they are just legislating about adult entertainment at the Ohio Statehouse. Or not legislating about it. And actually Teri was just laughing about bagels being donated to the Mid-Ohio FoodBank in Columbus by a Dayton strip club owner to keep the conservatives from eating bagels.

Bagels for Columbus Mid-Ohio FoodBank!

Columbus Dispatch reporter Candy Candisky gives the details:

There would be no bagels.

Not for conservatives trying to do away with lap dances at strip clubs, anyway.

Tensions are high in the battle over legislation to keep strippers 6 feet away from patrons and make them abandon their dance poles at midnight.

I never knew this was a hot issue in Ohio until I read TheBrickRanch.com I never knew but I saw it on the news last night, not Teri or Bagels but the ‘Dancers for Democracy.’ It seems state legislators are embroiled in legislation regarding the adult entertainment industry, ‘Dancers for Democracy’ and ‘Citizens for Community Values’ are facing off on Senate Bill 16.

Teri’s blog is TheBrickRanchBlog.com, Teri is a real estate agent in Huber Heights Ohio in Montgomery and Miami Countie, a Dayton suburb. Huber Heights is known as “America’s largest community of brick homes.” According to Wikipedia the most recent census says Huber Heights population is “38,212 people, 14,392 households.”

Some people in Central Ohio are familiar with Chuck Huber’s brick post WWII homes… there are some Huber ranches in Reynoldsburg, Westerville and I believe the largest Central Ohio concentration is in Blendon Township… Huber Ridge?

The Huber Homes built in the 1950′s and 1960′s are very utilitarian, some are run down now…others are redone and fun… but heck they are becoming a classic. The first Huber ranches are “Atomic Ranch cool…” mid century… snap them up now before they become antiques and start commanding historic home pricing. Huber is probably still building new in Huber Heights, they were in the 80′s when I lived in the Dayton area and they weren’t all ranch style homes over the years.

Whenever I run into Teri’s TheBrickRanch.com blog a song from the 1970′s, c. 1977 comes into my head… by the Commodores, sung by Lionel Ritchie….

“She’s a brick house….” When Teri started blogging on TheBrickRanch.com and the Commodores song started playing in my head….I had to look it up and see what “brick house” means… I was not sure… I am not sure if I knew back in 1977… I thought it was….well naughty… “She’s a brick house ….”

well built?

Teri started it -just because it made me laugh

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1 Teri Lussier May 3, 2007 at 05:13 am

You are very kind, Maureen. I’m linking back to you this a.m. with a follow up on the bagels.

The ranch in vogue will be a recurring theme on my blog, with my first post on the subject tomorrow. You beat me to the punch. No wonder you are a Top Ten blogger! I am hoping to open residents eyes to some wonderful possibilities for renovation, and to highlight what the humble mid century ranch has to offer.

Thanks again! “Shake it down, shake it down now”

2 MaureenMcCabe May 3, 2007 at 05:59 am


I can’t wait to read about ranches on TheBrickRanch.com The Huber built ranches from the 1950′s and 1960′s can be very nice. When I lived in the Dayton area I thought all the ranches from the 1950′s and early 60′s Huber and non Huber were dowdy. Not anymore.

There were only 13 or 14 women real estate bloggers until recently….I feel sorry for the three or four who were left off Selllsius ° Blogs list last summer. There are certainly a lot more of us now.

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