Real Estate is Ruining "IT"

by Maureen McCabe on September 19, 2007

Columbus skyline as a postcard“IT” is this blog.

“IT” is my concept of local blogging.  

I have to admit.  I am obsessed.  I can’t stop blogging about real estate.  It’s happening on my old blog, Discover Columbus and here. 

Both sites were designed to be place blogs.  I am not sure the concept of a place bloDiner sign with edgeg was known in 2005, certainly I was not aware of what a place blog was.  I started Columbus Best Blog (now known as Discover Columbus) as a blog about Columbus and Central Ohio but not just about real estate… I wanted to write about food, restaurants, neighborhoods, schools, events, news and cows… it is Columbus after all… NOT just real estate. 

The first entry on Columbus Best Blog said in part:

 Aug. 27, 2005 – Columbus Best Blog

Of course this isn’t the best blog in Columbus.  This humble, little new blog is about what is best in Columbus and what Columbus is best at. 


What’s the best Mexican restaurant in Columbus? What’s the best Chinese restaurant in Central Ohio?  Who has the best ice cream in Columbus? Who has the best pizza in Columbus? 


The blog is not all going to be food either.  What’s the best real estate website (I am a REALTOR with HER Real Living, guess who has the best Columbus real estate website?) What’s the best Sunday open house list (guess HER Real Living again)? What’s the best shoe store in town? What is the best blog in Columbus?  Which TV station is the best in town?   The possibilities are endless.


Do you have the best lemonade stand in Columbus or serve the best gyros or BBQ in town?  Or do you own the best dog walking service, write the best blog or the offer the best maid service in Columbus?    Let me know.    


I did not want to have a site about boring real estate stuff. 

“How to buy a house.” 

“How to sell a house. ”

“Blah, blah, blah”  

I did say ”IT” (the original Columbus Best Blog) was not going to be all about food though too.  I never thought it looked like all food but I had to put Discover Columbus on a diet in May because all the internet searches that were pulling it up were for food.  The biggest category of what was being read on Discover Columbus was real estate but the searches that ended up there were all for restaurants.

If I am not mistaken I have not blogged about food on Discover Columbus since May or June.  Oh I’ve mentioned events where there is food since putting Discover Columbus on a diet but I did not blog about the food at the events.  Months later there are still a lot of searches about restaurants and food that end up on Discover Columbus….  Maybe Discover Columbus will start gorging on food again to get out of the real estate rut…  but what to do with

You can help. 

If I had more real estate to do I would blog less about real estate and blog more about fun stuff.  Know anyone who needs to buy or sell?  Refer them to me.  Then when I am busy again I can write about stuff other than real estate.  I want to blog about ice cream, cows, TBDBITL, festivals, fairs, funky things, interesting places, fun stuff….

Rates are great, (you may have heard the federal reserve board slashed the federal funds rate yesterday… the federal funds rate is now 4.75 percent… what does that mean for mortgage rates in Central Ohio? )  it’s a buyers market in most Central Ohio neighborhoods.  It’s a great time to be a first time buyer.  It’s a great time to trade up.  It’s a great time to take a transfer to Columbus….

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1 Ginger Wilcox September 22, 2007 at 11:48 am

This post had me LOL Maureen. The reviews on restaurants I do get me a lot of hits too! I am just like you, I don’t want to blog about real estate at all!!

2 MaureenMcCabe September 22, 2007 at 12:52 pm

I don’t want to scare people away with too much real estate. Or bore people who don’t have a real estate need right now.

I sure don’t want to get over run with searches for restaurants… there was so much of it on Discover Columbus it is just unnatural.

Thanks for the comment Ginger.

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