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by Maureen McCabe on October 14, 2005

I visited Hanan Levin’s Grow a Brain blog today and saw a comment wondering why it is a real estate blog.  I for one am hopelessly  hooked on Grow a Brain which says:’Welcome to Grow-a-Brain, the “ Original Real Estate Blog.”   On his blog Levin describes it in part as “the world-famous collection of intelligent links”

Grow a Brain was one of the four real estate blogs mentioned in a  September 2005 REALTOR®  Magazine article by John Mudd.  I had visited Grow a Brain…  before reading the article.  Maybe Levin’s Blog is an acquired taste, maybe it is not for everyone but I think it grows on you.

I have a growing list of real estate blogs around the country, and Canada.  Some are straight real estate news and very dry. Some are more community news than just real estate.  One of my favorite blogs is written by a journalist in LA and all it is about is the real estate bubble. I believe he wants it to burst so they can buy a house! It is a gorgeous blog.

Some blogs like my Fairy Blog Mother’s Frances Flynn Thorsen’s The Realty Gram are about real estate and communities and are  political.  Politics scare me.  Frances a prolific blogger also has a photo blog of historic architecture, The Historic Homes Blogger

Some of the real estate blogs on my growing list:

Cecillia Sherrard’s Cleveland  Blog: Cleveland Ohio Real Estate

Karl von Loew’s New Jersey Real Estate Blog: Real Estate in Central New Jersey

Another Maureen’s (that’s my name… the few, the proud, the Maureens) Blog about real estate in Michigan: Oakland County Homes

I’d mention a Wisconsin Real Estate Blog but I don’t “get it”  so as my Mommy (and probably yours) said “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.”  I thought I had  a Chicago Real Estate Blog but it was just a “come on.”

The author of the REALTOR® Magazine September 2005 article about real estate blogs, John Mudd’s Florida Blog: Real Estate Journal

A Toronto Canada Blog: Toronto at Home by Canadian real estate broker Fraser Beach

An NYC blog: Curbed

My blog is about Columbus Ohio, not just real estate but about what is BEST in Columbus, but I am a REALTOR® so it is a real estate blog.

Dec. 1, 2005   edited out a Kansas Blog since it would not allow readers to go back to my blog.

Originally posted on Columbus Best Blog on RealTown Blogs.

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