Ohio State Season Starts…

by Maureen McCabe on August 31, 2007

OSU eCardYes, it’s Labor Day weekend. 

Yes there is a lot to do in Central Ohio this weekend.  Lots, but for some the biggie even if school (OSU)  is not in session and they’re “just” playing Youngstown is the start of the foot ball season at the Horse Shoes.  

Really there’s lots going on in Central Ohio (Greater Columbus … my list includes events in Sunbury, the east side,  downtown Columbus)  this weekend.  I  used to do “events” on Discover Columbus most Thursdays.  Central Ohio Labor Day Weekend   went up this morning.  I absolutely hate doing those entries anymore.  I think I skipped it last weekend (there was not much going on… an excuse?? )  I probably have only done them twice a month…. lately.

Football.  The Columbus sports blogs have everything you always wanted to know about Ohio State football … all I know is they play Youngstown, the games at noon and to  avoid doing anything in the OSU area on Saturday….. The game is not on network TV. 

I have a number of the Columbus sports blogs in my blogroll.  The game is on Insight, not on Time Warner cable network???  Or have they been able to come to an agreement with the ‘Big Ten?’  

In “Hello Columbus: Big Ten Wins” in the Capital Times (Madison WI)  UW-Madison (my alma mater…) professor of telecommunications,   Barry Orton says:

“The only big news is Columbus and they had to cave there or they’d lose all their subscribers. They had not a lot of leverage and not a lot of choice.”

I don’t have cable, I am not a big sports fan… Is Time Warner Cable bigger in Columbus than Insight?  That’s who I had cable from when I had cable… long long ago.  

I’ll find something to do in Columbus. 

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