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by Maureen McCabe on May 6, 2011

NaBloPoMo May 2011

Maybe 2011

“Do you like beginnings?”


I usually like beginnings better than endings, personally.  A great ending is great but most endings are not that great.

Books?  I better like the beginning.  If not I seldom can read it, unless someone tells me I ” have to”, that it  “will get better.”     I sometimes do not read the end of books I do not want to end.  I don’t believe I have ever read the end of ‘Gone with the Wind’ but I saw the movie.

Movies?  I better like the beginning.  If  I don’t like the beginning of a movie I fall asleep.

If you have a Columbus blog… or are a blogger in Central Ohio  comment with a link to your blog.  Add a link to the first post on your blog,  if you would like to, in the comments, here.  Feel free to use html in the comment section of this post to make it a link, if you are able.   If it is your first comment here it will go into moderation.  Don’t worry I will get you out quick.   If you are a spammer and not a blogger your comment will go into the spam filter.  Your comment belongs in the spam filter.

I would love to read the beginning of your Columbus blog.

“Do you like beginnings?” is  today’s Nablopomo prompt.   Six days… writing a blog post a day.  Sometimes their prompt.  Six is pretty far in but this may still be considered the beginning of May.  I am not asleep yet.


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