In Columbus mixing "Yellow and Blue"

by Maureen McCabe on November 17, 2007

corn field

Looking for Columbus blogs earlier this week… I thought this was a Michigan joke…. turns out it’s just a splog.  A green splog:

Mixing “Yellow and Blue” makes what ?
29 Apr 2007 by BoratsFriend
Simple Living – Central Ohio. The purpose of Simply Living is to educate ourselves and others to live responsibly and sustainably in joyful relationship with the earth and one another. The Simple Living Network, Providing tools and …

If it were a Michigan joke it would be mixing “Maize and Blue” anyway wouldn’t it? Or maybe it’s not a splog. Maybe it is a directory of green links with Google Ads. My apologies to “BoratsFriend.”

I have lots of Buckeye (sports blog… OK who are we kidding football) blogs in my Columbus Blogroll.

I was trying to look off the beaten path for Central Ohio blogs, maybe not strictly Columbus blogs… but about the Central Ohio area, or a particular suburb. Dublin, Worthington, Westerville, Lewis Center, etc. etc. etc. Or a neighborhood… like Clintonville or Clintonville or Clintonville. I have trouble thinking of other Columbus neighborhoods other than… you know which one.


I know all the Central Ohio real estate blogs although I can’t keep us straight… We are all named Columbus, of course. If I was starting over again, I would NOT name my blog Columbus (too big) I would not put blog in the name either because I hate the word blog…. but this is not about me or my blogs. This is about Central Ohio blogs…


Trying to find Central Ohio blogs searching with the Google blog search for names of Columbus Ohio suburbs I found:

A shout out to Gahanna on AOL journals




Hilliard… a splog, definitely a splog:

st brendan catholic church los angeles
4 Nov 2007 by stanislav
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I removed the link to the page selling mp3 players…

I found some real Central Ohio blogs…


Columbus Intelligence

I really enjoyed Scrap: La Hacienda Real on Sinclair Rd. Maybe because La Hacienda Real is one of my favorite Columbus Mexican restaurants.


He? She? the blogger (why don’t I hate the word blogger if I hate the word blog?) doesn’t like La Hacienda Reals’ tortillas… Flour or corn toritllas? Where in Columbus can you get better home made corn tortillas? I need to know… The blogger is a transplant from Austin TX. Welcome to Central Ohio.

A Powell bog A Mere Detour more political than I usually read…


A Central Ohio blog I’ve noticed a number of times… Central Ohioans Against Terrorism
this time because of a post about …Worthington Ohio “kids” hosting Jihad sites on the internet.


Westerville to Arena District Bikeway (reincarnated a previous blog was called WAD


Westerville Uptown Merchants Association I’ve found this blog before I know…
An issue oriented blog for Powell Ohio:


Stop Powell Target describes itself as:

“Information for Powell & Liberty Residents concerning the proposed Target Store on Sawmill Rd from the Community Oversight Foundation”

Gosh is being a directory of blogs here… no better than mixing “Yellow and Blue”? Is my blog I mean site no better than the couple of splogs or sites I mentioned here? Maybe not… but there are no Google ads… and I am not redirecting you to buy drugs, mp3 players or worse… Yes it is a real estate blog…


I’d love to hear from other Central Ohio bloggers… I like to read blogs from Central Ohio, about Central Ohio… raise your hand if you are blogging in Central Ohio.

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1 Ronnie Roach November 17, 2007 at 08:21 pm

I did hear about the Dan Marino joke – what do you get for driving through Columbus really slow? A degree from Ohio State…

2 Maureen McCabe November 19, 2007 at 08:16 am

I had not heard that joke. Thanks… I guess.

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