Icicles tell a $tory

by Maureen McCabe on February 5, 2009

icicles on a Dominion Home which was not insulated

icicles on a newer home which was not insulated

The icicles on this relatively new Columbus house  (about 7 years old) tell a story.  The builder forgot to insulate part of the house*.  Ooops!

The story is a mystery

How much extra money has the present owner paid for heat that is going straight out through the roof?

Why wouldn’t the builder’s (it’s a Dominion) superintendent catch it during the building process?

The new buyer found the lack of insulation via a home inspection.  Home inspector poked head through the attic access, saw no insulation.  It did not take a lot of investigative work.  He’d of course already seen the icicles on the house. It’s a great time of year to inspect your home for this.  There were signs telling the story on this house, no snow on that section of the roof, pretty icicles on the front of the house…

Sadly the seller can’t afford to install insulation for the buyer and the builder won’t install the insulation they should have put in back in… 2002.   The seller is the second owner of the house, the house is NOT under the builders warranty.

*This house only has the pretty sparkly icicles across half of the front.   The same model around the block has icicles across the front of the house.  Ooops maybe the insulation guy missed som parts of that house too.  Hope those homeowners are still are under warranty.

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