Happy Birthday CBB

by Maureen McCabe on August 27, 2013

Today is the 8th Birthday of Columbus Best Blog.  I think. I know it’s birthday is in late August.   I think the Google listing shows it was born  August 27, 2005 but I can not get the site to open today.  Columbus Best Blog (not .com ) is  NOT this site.  The original site was on Real Town (a real estate network)  the name was later changed to Discover Columbus.   This WordPress site is ColumbusBestBlog.com

Happy Birthday CBB

I was on Columbus Best Blog in mid August 2013 but I can not get it to open now.    In July 2013 and into August I could not get into it and could not get any help resetting the password. I probably need to take it down next time I can access it.

At one point I started moving all the content over to this site.  The first post on Columbus Best Blog was re posted here too.   Columbus Best Blog

ColumbusBestBlog.com was born on New Years Eve 2006 or New Years Day 2007.  It celebrates the first site’s birthday too.  Or has some years.

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