Fish Fry in Columbus: A Pescatarian Poll

by Maureen McCabe on February 21, 2013

I was going to do a PollDaddy poll about the Best Friday Fish Fry in Columbus…  The Friday  Fish Fry is a Lenten tradition for some Catholic Parishes. Some Catholic Parishes in central Ohio have a Friday Fish Fry, some do not.  Lent 2013 BEST Friday Fish Fry in Columbus. I prepared a PollDaddy poll but I am not going to bother to post it.  I only added a handful of events  named as ” Best” to the poll.   Fish fries are kind of personal for parishioners.


Here’s the official guide from the Catholic Times for central Ohio Fish Fries and other parish level food events during Lent.    Catholic Times Online 2013 Fish Fry Guide (.pdf ) I posted that to the ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’  Facebook page when I found it.

On a post about  Lent 2013 BEST Friday Fish Fry  last week a  reader, Shantell Sheffield commented on last week:

St. Michael in Worthington“I was on St. Michael’s Catholic Church of Worthington’s SCHOOL site and saw on the calendar events that it does indeed have a fish fry every Friday from 5-8pm, however, it does not give specifics of what it includes, pricing and if it is Old Bag of Nails. I do know that I have had friends go there before and they said it was the best. I was interested in going myself so I had tried to look up the info myself.”

The photo is St. Michael Church in Worthington.  The church is on High Street on the south end of Worthington.  The school is around the corner on Selby.

On ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’  last week Katie O’Keefe wrote:

“St. Stephen the Martyr, 4131 Clime Road, Columbus 43228 – $9 Adults (Seniors $8), $4.50 Children 4-12. 5:30-7:00 PM – All you can eat and it’s fresh and fast!! Best in Columbus!”

I have heard good things about St. Stephen’s Friday fish fry before.  The west-side of Columbus or south-west Franklin County parishes seem to have a tradition of fish fries on Friday night.

2013 BEST Fish Fry Find

The BEST find about Columbus fish fries this week is thanks to Mary Wehrle on Facebook!

The Lutheran’s Guide to Catholic Fish Fries   Columbus: The Lutherans Guide to Catholic Fish Fries

“The Lutheran’s Guide to Catholic Fish Fries. A curious family of four Lutheran, pescatarians sets out to explore the best of the Columbus, Ohio …”

That’s where the word “pescatarian” came from.  I have heard the word.  I knew it meant fish eater but I have probably never used the word. Or I hope it means fish eater.   It makes my spell-check a bit nervous.

The blog posts about visiting fish fries would probably work for Methodists, Presbyterians, members of other Christian denominations as well as non-Christian “pescatarians.” The central Ohio family of four have ventured out to Friday fish fries for the past three years. They have tried the fish fries who refer to themselves as “the BEST” in Columbus. They have tried some fish fries they did not like. Yet they still go out and explore fish fries in Columbus! They tried a fish fry at a central Ohio golf course, during Lent one year. Who knew Shamrock Golf Course in Powell does / did a fish fry? The family ate a dinner from the drive through fish fry at St. Michael Church in Worthington. The men wear fish hats.  Who knew?  There are no 2013 entries on the  ‘The Lutheran’s Guide to Catholic Fish Fries’ site yet as I write this. There has only been one Friday in Lent 2013!  Update They posted yesterday!  I tried to comment to say how much I love the site.  It would not let me.   They say which fish fry is their favorite.  Que coincidencia!

The family of four likes fried fish, a step in the right direction when exploring “fish fries.”    I highly recommend the tiny site (link above)  with fish fry reviews since 2010.

No photos! 

The surprising thing in this “pescatarian” food adventure is no photos. I do not mention that as a criticism in the age of Instagram and food spotting. In one post the writer says something about trying to add photos to the blog post.  I skimmed the site cover to cover, I believe… if the blog has  covers.  I did not see a single photo of fish. Far be it from me to try to give criticism constructive or otherwise to any other site. Breaded fish, french fries, macaroni and cheese, applesauce, etc. the food they are eating is not that photogenic.  Blessed be a blog without photos of fried fish… Most of the food presentation can NOT be super photogenic, since the cooks and servers are volunteers. Paper plates? Cafeteria plates on trays at best. The posts often describes the school cafeteria or church basement. The site has great descriptions of places and food that are rather grim! Personally I have a bit of a gag reflex each time the writer mentions the canned green beans. For me as a reader photos (especially canned green bean photos) could have ruined a perfectly delightful reading experience about Friday Fish Fries in Columbus.

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