Extreme Green Will Backfire

by Maureen McCabe on October 15, 2007

blog action day badgeHappy Blog Action Day!

Mark my words.  Green is good but the extremists and those with a political agenda will turn off more people than any they will inspire to be a bit more green personally if they over dramatize…

 “Disclosing Global Warming?  WTF?”

WTF?  World Trade Federation? Is it a trade issue too? Or does  WTF mean “Where’s The Fire?” in a Technorati hot topic sense?  Or is “WTF?” the common phrase I really always think of when I see “WTF?” 

In Disclosing Global  Warming  WTF? Jay Thompson, The Phoenix Real Estate guy links to Jennifer in Minneapolis worrying about disclosing global on the coasts.  I tried to get in on the conversation on Jennifer’s blog but don’t see my comment there.      I must not have made the cut.   

Jennifer wrote:  

“I was recently reading a post on Active Rain about Global Warming. The author wrote that he believes it is real estate agents duty to disclose to any potential buyers thinking about purchasing coastal property that Global Warming could render their property useless, under water, washed away, etc. He also stated that if an agent does not disclose this possibility, they should be sued, fired, etc.”

You can get to Jennifers Minnesota blog via Jay’s Arizona blog.

The original post Jennifer wrote about was on ActiveRain written by someone selling real estate in a coastal state.  California?   The entry that said and this is a paraphrase, real estate agents should disclose the possiblity of global warming is only available to ActiveRain members now.  The post was public at first from my understanding.  I understand a lot of the comments there have been removed too. 

A class action suit against (?)

Here’s a post I did on ActiveRain to promote Blog Action Day.

It has nothing to do with how green you are,  just with blogging…

As far as blogging I am Purist – Expert – Socialite blogger

I am an animal lover but I am turned off by the drama and antics of some animal rights groups.  Extreme green could be just as big a turn off to me. 

What kind of a green or not so green blogger are you? 

Extreme – Political – Threatening
Crazy – Drama Queen – Sicko
Off the deep end – Scary Thug – Blaming


Educating – Expert – Involved
Learning – Thinking – Trying

In “Don’t Throw The Baby Out with The Bath Water -The Green Movement”  Jeff Geoghan a real estate agent in Pennsylvania wrote:

“In the media, the “green” movement is oft-painted as a liberal initiative. Who hasn’t heard the “round glasses and birkenstocks” comparison? In the same vein, liberals unfairly paint all conservatives as owning stock in oil companies and dumping chemicals in lakes with a smile. Conservatives need to remember that “conservation” is a part of their heritage – small government, individuals responsible for their community’s health & growth, etc. Liberals need to remember that private enterprise is what has driven every major achievement – not government regulation. There’s just no reason to bring all the other political baggage into this common goal. Ah, if only the “green” party wasn’t so left-leaning! Imagine what a truly moderate green party could do to unite people…OK, I digress. “


I will try to be more “Green” personally.  

I will try to learn about green building, remodeling and conservation locally.

I will read Columbus Green Blogger, Green Buckeye.

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1 Susan Meyer October 15, 2007 at 01:35 pm

We at WOSU (www.wosu.org) and COSI (www.cosi.org) have been wondering how we could do more to help our community cope with some challenging issues. We asked ourselves: What if we—your local public broadcaster and science museum—and those of you who are the local blogging experts got together and learned how to use Social Media to bring back that great American tradition of the community taking charge of its own problems?
Here’s what we’re wondering: Could we use social media and our many talents and resources to breakthrough the bureaucratic barriers that seem to block so much local reform? Could we gain enough support and understanding to shift our education system so that our children are equipped to face the sometime harsh realities of the world? Could we start to make sense of what our aging population, our health care system, the green movement, and even our food system may mean to us? What other issues should we be discussing with an eye toward change?
Many local bloggers, such as you, have deep subject knowledge and are also part of existing communities that also care and know a lot. We have a big megaphone—radio and web site—and some great resources—a centrally located facility with cutting-edge technology (studios and a mediaLab) that we could add to the mix. Can you imagine what we might be able to do together?
Interested? We would like to invite you to a “Town Hall” Open Space Meeting (http://www.openspaceworld.org/cgi/wiki.cgi?AboutOpenSpace) on Thursday, November 15, 6:30pm, to see if we can find an agenda that we can all get excited about and to see what will emerge if we get together. (The meeting will take place at WOSU@COSI, 333 West Broad Street. Since it’s around dinner time, we’ll provide the pizza and soft drinks!)

Let me know if you’re interested in such a meeting or if you would like more information! If you plan on attending, let me know that as well, since I’ll need to order the pizzas!

2 Kristina Richardson October 16, 2007 at 09:18 am

Everyone can make a difference! If you are passionate about stopping global warming and the environment you should check out this website LINK REMOVED Changing to CFLs is a great way for individual people to really make a difference! You should also check out this site LINK REMOVED for more ideas on how to help our world!

3 MaureenMcCabe October 16, 2007 at 01:01 pm

Thanks Susan I replied via email!!

4 MaureenMcCabe October 16, 2007 at 01:16 pm

Kristina missed the point that I am not passionate.

Or maybe I missed the part of the Blog Action Day instructions that said if I posted anything for Blog Action Day I had to follow a particular point of view or agenda.

I am willing to learn, I am tring to learn but heavy handed people telling me what I need to feel turn me off.

Anything I find in my spam filter (Kristina was in the spam filter since she included links in her comment) from a stranger is approached with caution as well, maybe I will look at her links. Or maybe I won’t. I am not including them here though.

5 Jeff Geoghan October 16, 2007 at 04:42 pm

Hi Maureen,

First off – thanks for quoted little old me in your excellent post. It’s appreciated.

As a realtor who is an advocate for green building investment, I’m kind of on the fence with respect to the “passionate” thing. I see opportunities in home building to enhance our safety and become more independent of foreign energy sources. These things evoke a passion in me, but I see my feet as being firmly planted on the ground throughout. On the other hand, I am bummed by the screeching rhetoric that passes for discussion these days. It’s not the conservatives or moderates doing the screeching, in my observation. Global warming has risen almost to the level of a religion (it’s probably there already), thanks to the heavy marketing campaign. The actual data is lost in there somewhere…am I a heretic? I suppose so. But I’m hopeful.

6 MaureenMcCabe October 17, 2007 at 07:53 am

Little old you is very welcome. Thanks for having such a good line to quote. Lines.

I have not done the green designation or certification yet.

7 Kermit October 24, 2007 at 10:41 pm


Am I extreme? I dunno. I don’t think the labels “conservative” or “liberal” any more.

Do you think I am extreme? I did not participate in Blog Action Day. No particular reason. But I decided to write a belated post of my own about an environmental issue that might strike a cord with some of your readers:

Brazilian Teak, Slave Labor, and the Destruction of the Rain Forest.

You can find it at:

Anything that you can do to help promote awareness of this issue will be deeply appreciated. Check it out and let me know if I am an extremist.

Keep up your good work.

Thank you!

8 MaureenMcCabe October 25, 2007 at 03:15 am

Gee Kermit I don’t know if you are an extremist but you are a spammer.

I removed the link as well the normal link you would have got from leaving a comment like a normal commenter. I can go find your blog if I ever FEEL like reading about “Brazilian Teak, Slave Labor, and the Destruction of the Rain Forest.” You are not going to have an opportunity to promote your blog here any more than the rest of the spammers who leave links.

I don’t know Kermit, so why should I care anything about your blog, your views or visiting your entry? Do I care whether or not you particicpated in Blog Action Day? Not particularly. Do I care if you are an extremist? No. Using another’s blog to promote your agenda might be an indication that you are an extremist. I don’t want to know a blogger who comment spams. I don’t go visit others spammers blogs when they leave a link that way either. I certainly don’t post spammers links.

I don’t post comments with links from people I do not know.

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