Every blog must have it's day…

by Maureen McCabe on January 30, 2007

Buddy dogEvery dog must have it’s day… I don’t think I even know what that saying means… or if the saying is a proverb or something else. 

“Every dog must have it’s day” is the thought that came to mind when I read this morning that my other blog… my original blog, Discover Columbus is the blog of the day on RealTown Blogs.  That blog was Columbus Best Blog until this blog was created.

Every blog must have it’s day.  I went to bed last night ready to throw in the towel with real estate blogging…and maybe real estate and maybe humanity… sometimes canines are a lot nicer than people… 2007 Logo

Today Inman News has news of Internet Crusades / Real Town’s new portal for real estate professionals and consumers.  My Discover Columbus blog is an old blog for RealTown Blogs…it has evolved from the first very scary entry I put up in late August 2005 to today.

Thanks to RealTown  and RealTown Blogs.

Real Living is not related to RealTown… I just need to have a company logo in the article because I have not figured out how to add one on my blog in the right column yet.

Want to learn how to blog?  RealTown Blogs is a good place to start and for me to stay. BlogTalk is designed for bloggers (mostly real estate bloggers but not necessarily real estate bloggers) to have a lot of flexiblity… different templates, different fonts… do your own thing.  RealTown Blogs are free.

An announcement of Internet Crusades / RealTown’s new portal on Inman News says:

“A new Internet portal launches today with a depth of real estate-related content created by a thousands-strong community of real estate professionals.

The site, RealTown.com, also features links to hundreds of multiple listing service-operated property-search Web sites, a database of properties maintained by real estate technology company Point2, and an agent-search tool.

The new site includes a consumer-facing collection of information from Internet discussion groups, industry articles and blogs. The goal, according to founders, is to empower consumers and real estate professionals alike with a centralized source of relevant real estate information.”

Sign up for a RealTown blog. It could be your day before you know it.  

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1 Frances Flynn Thorsen January 30, 2007 at 03:25 pm

Maureen: You make the blogosphere a better place to be … and you make real estate a better place to be … and Columbus is a better place thanks to you … make this an utterly happy and glorious day all around. You deserve it!!!


2 moinoh January 30, 2007 at 06:38 pm

Thanks Frances.

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