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by Maureen McCabe on August 12, 2009

ohio-state-fair-2009Thanks to Connector Radio I got to visit the Ohio State Fair, Saturday.   Actually I probably could have gone to the Ohio State Fair without free tickets.  It really is a pretty reasonable form of entertainment for adults who can amuse themselves with rabbits, cows,  crafts, people watching…   I loved fairs growing up but the food and the midway were what I loved.  I’ve outgrown cotton candy, deep fried food and the Tilt-O-Whirl.

Wyliemac and Rockson are Connector Radio.   They are also sometimes known as Alvin Borromeo and Rocky Van Brimmer.

Central Ohio Network’s Connector Radio says:

“The Central Ohio Network’s live call in show the Connector is hosted by Alvin “Wyliemac” Borromeo (Attorney & Community Organizer) and Rocky “Rocks On” VanBrimmer (CO Net Founder & Sr. Partner at Start Engaging Others) live every Tuesday night at 9:30 PM sharp! “The Connector” focuses on business, tech, social media, networking, and events in the Central Ohio Area.”

I missed Connector Radio last night. Oooops I fell asleep.  I think I missed it last week too.  No reason what my excuse was that night.  Connector Radio is Central Ohio.  It is on Blogtalk Radio.

Thanks to the Ohio State Fair who appeared on the Connector Radio show a few weeks ago to talk about the upcoming fair and provided the tickets.

Yes it was cloudy on Saturday.  It’s Ohio.

It  never rained.

Thanks again to Connector Radio and the Ohio State Fair.

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