ColumbusBestBlog Welcomes David Tamny of Professional Property Inspection

by Maureen McCabe on August 8, 2007

David Tamny of Professional Property InspectionsHooray!  This is it! The very first  post from ColumbusBestBlogs very first guest blogger! May I introduce David Tamny of  Professional Property Inspection and his first entry on ColumbusBestBlog:

After reading the post  ”I Like Home Inspectors with Small Shoulders” my only suggestion is that perhaps the title should be revised to “I like Home Inspectors with Slim Waists”.  In my experience that is often the more critical measurement.  All joking aside there is a lot of truth to that article.  I’ve met many inspectors over the years that didn’t look like they could get into an attic or crawl space if their life depended on it.

In my 15 years of experience as a home inspector it is definitely important to be able to squeeze into tight spots.  The ASHI Standards only require the home inspector to report the method used to inspect the crawl space or attic.  Inspectors are not required to climb roofs or go into areas that may be a safety hazard or possibly damage  the property.  We certainly have to be careful about stepping through the ceiling from the attic.  Some of the crawl spaces I’ve encountered have broken glass, water, mold and other conditions which may compromise the safety of the inspector.

None the less this is where the problems are to be found.  Few homeowners ever go into their crawl space.  We certainly have a lot of them in central Ohio and if an inspector is not making every possible effort to get a good inspection there is a risk of leaving expensive problems undiscovered.  I would rather do what it takes to make sure there is not a problem then have to explain to a client why I wasn’t obligated to find a condition that when discovered could cost thousands of dollars to repair.  Mold is certainly a huge issue these days with competent mitigation getting up into 5 figures.  Damp crawl spaces are expensive to fix and the mold mitigation only compounds the costs.

So many buyers are concerned with finding the lowest priced inspector.  They don’t realize that all inspectors are not doing the same job and bring different skills and experience to the table.  The longer I’m in this business the more complicated the landscape becomes.  Perhaps the title should be “I Like Experienced Professional Inspectors”

David Tamny

Professional Property Inspection

(614) 459-5941

Worry Free Inspections

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