Columbus Taste Casting Whining…

by Maureen McCabe on September 26, 2009

Do you know what Taste Casters is? Taste Casting

Taste Casting started in Columbus. There are Taste Casting Teams in lots of cities now. Congratulations to Dan Harris in Central Ohio who started Taste Casting.

When real estate people were here in Columbus for REBarCamp Ohio I don’t remember why but we recommended Taste Casting… to people attending from other cities, other parts of the country.  A couple of us recommended Taste Casting as a way to connect with people locally…  Actually I remember now it was recommended for Dayton Ohio but I don’t want to go off on a tangent…

Taste… back to taste.  Alas I have NO taste. I am not a member of Taste Casting much less a food blogger, so I could not side with either in the conversation.

If there’s a controversy over Taste Casters except on one Columbus site, I’ve never been aware of it. Lots of whine on that site.

Is there a controversy over Taste Casting ruining Twitter, the blogosphere and all we hold dear?


“I don’t like Taste Casting tweets”

“I don’t like Twitter”

“Taste Casting is spammy”

“I don’t like the concept of Taste Casting”

“I don’t like Twitter”

“I think Taste Casters should tweet from one ID”

“It’s MLM”

“I don’t like Twitter”

“they are just there for the free food”

“I just don’t think it’s right.”

“I don’t like Twitter”

“I don’t know what MLS is but I agree it’s just… just not right”

“Really I don’t even like Twitter”

Whines all paraphrased of course.

Just an observation here. Move along. Unfollow the Taste Casting tweeters if they are making your life on Twitter a nightmare. Don’t visit the Taste Casting site if the punctuation sends you searching for a red pen to correct commas, semi colons and periods. Don’t become a Taste Caster if it has no appeal to you.  Would you like Columbus to pass a law against  Taste Casting for pete’s sake?

A comment from Andrew Hall (I don’t know Andrew) on that conversation referenced an article on The Onion about wine… ‘We’re All Wine Critics Now’

“We are moving from a monologue to a dialogue, and this reflects a fundamental truth about wine: It is a matter of taste, and taste differs from one person to the next. There’s still a need for expert opinion, but authority is going to have to be worn a lot more lightly going forward, and it isn’t going to command quite the deference that it used to.”

The article Andrew referenced: ‘We’re All Wine Critics Now’

Gosh I’d like a pizza and a glass of red wine now. Or last night when I wrote this I wanted the wine, sounds too hard core in the daylight as I edit. I want real pizza with crust, even some cold leftover pizza sounds good to me  this morning. Thick, thin, Donato’s, Iaccono’s or from some mom and pop pizza shop. I don’t eat pizza… officially. I did at a Donato’s blogger event.  I ate free pizza and blogged about it.  I am not a food blogger.

Last weekend I ate a Donato’s “No Dough Pizza” while the others ate a hand tossed pizza. I don’t want to whine but… I want dough.

Donato’s I went, I ate, I blogged – ‘I knead dough’

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