Columbus Social Media Cafe

by Maureen McCabe on November 16, 2007

Columbus Social Media Cafe

WOSU TV and WOSU radio have the megaphone…  COSI  in downtown Columbus… is just the spot for Columbus’s inquiring minds and they (WOSU and COSI) have already joined forces in the WOSU Digital Media Center at COSI.

WOSU and COSI hosted Columbus bloggers Thursday evening…  photos, video and more on the Columbus Social Media Cafe site….  The question of the evening was:“What can we do together that we cannot do alone to change this community using social media tools?” when Columbus bloggers were invited to COSI to talk about traditional media and new media and what it can do together for the Columbus community… and the issues Columbus bloggers are passionate about…

Topics from the Social Media Cafe site:

Rallying support on-line for causes off line

Supporting Local Business

How to break in to Traditional Media using stand by resources — finding a way for WOSU to use citizens in participatory media — CITIZEN JOURNALISM”

Effective Tools for off line causes

How we capture the stories of our citizens

How can you use blogs to welcome newcomers to ColumbusHow can we save our children when we’re facing so many entitlements and problems in our education system

How to help people become more comfortable with the technology they are surrounded by How to enhance local networking through technology standards

How embracing urbanism will improve the city of Columbus and affecting our everyday life — and how we need to invest in young families new to the region

Twitter feed for Columbus Social Media Cafe

Communities, libraries, food, retailing….  I am not as smart as a lot of the people who were there.  My mind was sorta boggled by the whole thing…

On a somwhat related note, next Wednesday… the day before Thanksgiving…

COSI Community Open House! 

Remember on Wednesday, November 21, 2007  COSI Columbus hosts its annual Community Open House. COSI is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. with free admission to COSI exhibits, live shows and even the Extreme Screen Theater.  Parking is $2, a reduced rate for the special day.

 Check out the WOSU Digital Media Center at COSI  while you are there….

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