Columbus Man ‘Inviting Conversations’ about Bullying

by Maureen McCabe on November 5, 2010

bully free zoneWade Meyer of  ‘Inviting Conversations’  is talking about bullying on the radio, early Sunday morning.  Adult bullying in particular:   Meyer asks

“Have you witnessed bullying in the workplace?”

Meyer refers to “sanctioned” and “non-sanctioned”  bullying in the workplace on his post on ‘Inviting Conversations’ , “Have you witnessed bullying in the workplace?”

“Bullying in the Workplace – Have you witnessed it? Do you have stories you can share? Can it be stopped? Is it something that will always exist? This Sunday, November 7, 2010, 7 am on Columbus’ Sunny 95 (94.7 WSNY and online at and continuing this Sunday at 7:30 am on Columbus’ Rewind 104.3 (and online at”

Bullying among children has been on the airwaves a lot lately.  So have those horrendous political ads…  there was some bullying going on there, wasn’t there?

I know of  Wade Meyers  from the LinkedColumbus group on LinkedIn.    LinkedColumbus is a LinkedIn group for Columbusites.

On ‘Inviting Conversations’ Meyers uses a phrase “Intelligent Dialog Connecting Thoughtful People.” Meyer reposted his  “Have you witnessed bullying in the workplace?” on LinkedColumbus this week at the end of a post about something in the news,  a story from New York about a law suit against a four year old.  A lot of Meyers commentary about development and cognition is way over my head.     “Should a four-year-old be liable for negligence if she knocks over an older woman with her bike?”

Of course when you are in a public forum like comments on a Columbus Dispatch article or Facebook or Twitter, a blog what any one person believes is “Intelligent  dialog” can vary.    I thought LinkedIn was a little more polished and professional.  Members are not anonymous after all.  An email update with a comment from a member of the Columbus business community, a writer and designer caught my attention and dragged me to read the conversation about development and cognition on LinkedIn:

“Any old hag that would sue a 4 year old deserved to get knocked down and probably should have been kicked while she was down there.”

Really?  An elderly woman died of injuries she sustained in an incident.  An accident.   The woman never recovered from the accident.   Her estate or perhaps an insurance company is able to  sue according to a judge in the state of New York.

I had to wonder reading the comments on LinkedIn from a member of the Columbus business community if more and more of our business and conversations are  carried out online will nasty commentary  like  “should have been kicked while she was down there” become more common? Will the relative anonymity that online forums provide us just make bullying in business just get worse?  On LinkedIn though?  I don’t get that…  then again I don’t get the Arkansas school official who said hateful things on his Facebook page either.   And THAT conversation was about stopping bullying in schools…

The image is from Eddie~S’s   Flickr photostream.

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1 Wade Meyer November 8, 2010 at 11:54 am

Thank you Maureen for your blog about the show. This Sunday morning (November 14) on Sunny 95 we will be talking about the topic, “Should a four-year-old be liable for negligence if she knocks over an older woman with her bike?” Listeners are welcome to call into the show. Part of the discussion focuses on whether or not a four-year-old should “know better” and whether or not “knowing better” constitutes negligence. Ironically it appears that if the mother had encouraged the girl to race, then the girl would not be liable, but the mother would. What is the definition of “encouragement”? If I ask a friend to quickly go back and exchange a two liter of Pepsi for Diet Pepsi because I picked up the wrong item, and my friend falls, is that contributory negligence? I do agree with you, however, that, with my focus being “Intelligent Dialog Connecting Thoughtful People,” I was concerned over the “old hag” comment. It was right on the edge. Fortunately, a significant majority of people who respond to us via LinkedIn are very professional in their responses. In 2010 there have only been three comments that were so unprofessional there was no way we could in good conscience publish them. Thank you again. — Wade K. Meyer, Host, Inviting Conversations

2 Maureen McCabe November 8, 2010 at 12:27 pm

Thanks Wade.

Is the show on Sunny 95 taped? Available as a podcast? Today I went to their site to see if I could find yesterday morning’s program on a podcast.

I wanted to listen yesterday but could not because my schedule was so full even with the extra hour. Perhaps I will do a better job of scheduling next Sunday and can listen.

3 Wade Meyer November 8, 2010 at 12:44 pm

Good afternoon Maureen,

The show is taped and rebroadcast on Columbus Today ( I am still trying to figure out when the rebroadcasts are being aired LOL. The podcast is available at

Thanks again :-)


4 Maureen McCabe November 11, 2010 at 10:00 am

Thanks. I listened. I enjoyed it.

Overnight last night or late yesterday there was a big flurry of activity on your LinkedColumbus post for this Sunday’s mornings topic. Uncharacteristic conversation for LinkedIn…

Just odd.

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