Columbus made the list

by Maureen McCabe on June 28, 2007


What do New York, Los Angeles, London, Chicago, Rome, Madrid, Toronto, Houston, Washington, Atlanta, Paris, Seattle, San Diego, Austin Texas, Minneapolis, Denver, San Francisco, Portland Oregon, Dallas, Singapore, St. Louis, Jakarta, Brooklyn NY, Philadelphia, Mexico City, Montreal, Beijing, Moscow and Mumbai have in common with Columbus Ohio?

They are the blog belt according to Business Week, The Children of the Web.

Graphic showing the world’s blog belt, including Columbus Ohio The BusinessWeek article Children of the Web

I found it when Mike Madison over in Pittsburgh on Pittblog asked:


Columbus has a well deserved spot on The Blog Tour USA itinerary if Columbus is number 30 on the World Wide Blog Belt.

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1 Bonnie Erickson July 3, 2007 at 08:26 pm

I wonder if Minneapolis includes St. Paul?

2 MaureenMcCabe July 4, 2007 at 12:26 am

I would assume it is the Twin Cities. Teri or Terri from MN and I discussed it on AR. When I saw it I assumed it meant both cities, that you and Teresa were part of that number.

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