Columbus Introduced Cows to the New World

by Maureen McCabe on October 25, 2007

cowDid you know Columbus (Christopher, the Italian explorer in the employ of the Spanish government that Columbus Ohio is named after…)  introduced cows to the New World.  According to Matt on his Bag Wine Ruminations blog’s Columbus Day post “Land D’oh”:

“For instance, most people do not know that Columbus introduced cows to the natives. Now why is that significant? Let me tell you. In order to keep the natives from bothering the cattle and preventing theft of the bovine, Columbus kept them penned up in an area guarded by a sailor named Giuseppe.

Everyday at noon, Giuseppe would eat his lunch…the same thing everyday. He would eat a semi-circle shaped piece of dough that was stuffed with cheese and sausage. When asked what this delicacy was called, he said, “ I don’t know, but it really helps me to get through working twelve straight hours here in the Cow-Zone.” The spelling may have changed, but to this day it is a staple of fine Pizzeria dining.”

I love calzone’s but have not had one in years…  Spinach calzones from Sumeno’s when they were on Sawmill Road, south of Snouffer Rd. back in the early 90′s.  

Land D’oh goes on to explain how the new world got Stromboli.  Again the spelling has changed since “1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”   Or was it 1493 when Columbus sailed the deep blue sea”

Stromboli… memories Route 3 (Westerville Rd.)   just south of south of Dempsy Rd. in Blendon Township… Carsonie’s? Sits at the front of the plaza there.  Boccie ball courts in front…  

He says he is from Bagwine Ohio.  Is there such a place?  Matt of Bag Wine Rumination is very, very funny.

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1 Matt-Man November 4, 2007 at 11:27 am

Dear Maureen,

I just came across this post. Thanks for the shout out. I really appreciate it. And FYI, Bagwine, Ohio is located just west of you, although you may know it better as Springfield. Thanks again, and Cheers!!


2 MaureenMcCabe November 4, 2007 at 12:54 pm

Your blog is very funny. I did not recognize Springfield! Thanks for letting me know that is Bagwine.

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