Columbus "green" flea remedy

by Maureen McCabe on July 28, 2007

flea.jpgNo not green fleas… just normal black or brown fleas.  Whatever color fleas are. The Ontario Canada remedy below sounds kinda green to me.  It sounds Green Buckeye (a Columbus blog) green to me, so I dedicate the Columbus green flea remedy to Tina of Green Buckeye. 

Joan Whitebook is a real estate agent in New Hampshire.  Joan showed a house that has a bad flea infestation.  She wrote an ActiveRain post looking for flea remedies (non harsh chemical flea remedies… maybe kinda green flea remedies)  entitled  ”THERE AIN’T NO BUGS ON ME”.  Joan’s post got this reply from Jo-Anne Smith in Ontario:

“Fleas can be gotten rid of without harsh chemicals. Keeping the place thoroughly vaccuumed is a start.  Another method is having a low pie plate or bowl filled with water and vegetable oil on the floor with a light shining on it. Leave the light on during the night. The fleas all hop over to the light and land in the dish and drown in the oil/water mixture. In the morning you find you have captured hundreds of fleas and in no time they are all gone.  Due to the life cycle and the eggs that are still hatching daily, the thorough vaccuuming may not have sucked up all of the eggs so you may have to repeat the pie dish routine a few times til all reproducing adults are gone and all eggs have hatched.”

I admit I am not green when it comes to flea irradication.  I personally believe in weapons of mass destruction or harsh chemicals when it comes to fleas but this oil, water and light method sounds like a neat science experiment to me. 

I have a flea story too.  It is my Columbus green flea remedy.   My friend Betsy had a horrible listing.  It was an estate.  The owner had, had a dog.  It stunk… it was a horrible house.  One day I went with her to check on something there… The house was  in the N. Linden area.  Nice street.  Nasty house.   After we did whatever we were there for I wanted to show her a house I had written an offer on the evening before that was in the Kenmore Park neighborhood.  My buyer,  his friend and I had been in the house the evening before. 

Betsy and I stopped, she saw the potential…  nice house.

We got back to the office and Betsy said there was a rash on her ankles.  It was not a rash it was flea bites and they were on our pants legs too.  We assumed they were from her horrible listing but when we scheduled an appointment to go back into the Kenmore Park home I had written the offer on we discovered otherwise. 

The house was one the listing agent / investor had bought and was in the process of refurbishing.  “No Problem…” the agent / owner would have it sprayed for fleas. 

We scheduled a couple of appointments after flea treatments where we all, listing agent, buyers agent, contractor, workers were to meet at the house to talk about issues … how to finish the remodel.  There were two such appointments I got to a couple of minutes late to find everyone running out of the house slapping themselves and picking off bugs.  The meeting would then be postponed while the owner and “his people” sprayed for fleas again.  

Picture all of” the gentlemen”  agent, buyer,  contractor, etc.  out on the front lawn picking fleas off one another.   I was glad both times I got there too late to join in all  the fun. If  anorangutan-laughing.jpg image of apes grooming one another came to your mind, you know just what it looked like when I drove up, not once but twice.  I could not find a photo of chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos or any other apes grooming one another, so here is one of the an orangutan laughing. 

This is the lucky orangutan who got to the meetings too late to get swarmed by fleas… same hair color too?  L’Oreal?

At some point the listing agent and ”his people” came to the conclusion that they would have to remove the dead raccoon from the chimney to get rid of the fleas. Wow… buyer and I never knew anything about a raccoon in the chimney dead or alive.

It worked. 

So there’s another green flea solution for you as well.   No harsh chemical bombs or sprays.  Remove the decaying raccoon carcass from the fireplace chimney and voila no more fleas!

The orangutan  photo  was found on Wikipedia. Photo credit: Malene Thyssen,  The copyright on the diagram of a flea drawn by Robert Hooke has expired according to Wikipedia.


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June 13, 2009 at 11:26 pm


1 Tina July 28, 2007 at 12:08 pm

Maureen -

Green Buckeye is honored, if just a little weirded out . . . ! The pie tin filled with water and oil for fleas reminds me of the container of beer in the garden for slugs.

I’ll have to remember the old remove-the-dead-raccoon-from-the-chimney trick, too. Yikes!


2 MaureenMcCabe July 29, 2007 at 10:12 am

I have done the beer in the garden for slugs thing so that was the first thing I thought of. Or maybe that was the second thing I thought of.

There is a middle school level science project about water tension that uses water, black pepper, soap and detergent. I thought of that science experiment when I read the water / oil / light flea remedy too, but I could really remember 100% what it proved….water tension is not something I think about daily… I had to look it up to see what it was that it proved… not just that black pepper is a afraid of the bar of soap.

Removing the dead racoon from the chimney is always a step in the right direction though. Thanks for the comment Tina, sorry to weird Green Buckeye or you out.

3 Maureen Francis July 30, 2007 at 08:57 am


4 MaureenMcCabe July 30, 2007 at 10:41 am

Thanks for the comment MF.

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