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by Maureen McCabe on May 24, 2011

Today’s prompt from Nablopomo is

“Invent a new word.”

Can’t  I just tell you about a blog word I invented years ago?  Triblogular, having three blogs.   I guess this blog,  was one of the three.  The others were the original Columbus Best Blog which changed it’s name to Discover Columbus (and later had that name stolen from it) and the blogging I was doing on ActiveRain a real estate network.

  1. – You are here
  2. Discover Columbus
  3. – in the sidebar here, Columbus Ohio real estate
  4. Worthington Old and News – in the sidebar here, Worthington Ohio real estate
  5. S. Delaware County Homes – in the sidebar here, S. Delaware County homes

New word…  Quintblogular

Or is it six?  Sextblogular

It’s complicated.   Worthington Old and New (Worthington Ohio real estate), ( Columbus Ohio real estate) and S. Delaware County Homes (S. Delaware County Ohio homes)  are all written on ActiveRain a real estate network and show up there along with content from others in the real estate industry.  There is content on my ActiveRain blog that is NOT published on the Columbus site, the Worthington site or the southern Delaware County site.  Along with content that is published on the Columbus blog or the Worthington blog or the S. Delaware County blog….  There is content when I am talking to those in the industry… rather than to consumers.  It is there for you to see. If you care.  Or you can just ignore it.  All of it.

Perhaps none of them are blogs.  Perhaps I am not even a blogger.  In explaining the monthly Nablopomo challenge and what a blog and a blogger are the Nablopomo site says:

“P.S. You must be a blogger to join NaBloPoMo. Sorry to be a meanie but people found adding commercial posts (I.e., posts that talk up and link to commercial web sites, large or small, with the express intent to drive traffic to those sites), recruiting information, graphic adult material, spam, or plagiarized work to profiles, groups, or forums will be banned.”

Well no graphic adult material or plagiarized work….and really I am not adding anything to their site…  Perhaps because all of my blogging is commercial (it all is… ) None of it is a blog…  blogging needs to be personal and not commercial?

Nablopomo stands for National Blog Posting Month.  Nablopomo is posting a blog post every day on a site.

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