Columbus Bloggers How Addicted to Blogging are You?

by Maureen McCabe on August 11, 2007

Quiz removed! I am getting some “odd” traffic.

Thanks Jennifer W.  for introducing me to the “How Addicted to Blogging are You?” test.  

Is Jennifer W.  a closeted blogging addict?  I can’t even tell you Jennifer W’s test score because she introduced the “How Addicted to Blogging are You” test on ActiveRain in a members only entry.  I can’t tell you how Jennifer W. did on the “How Addictd to Blogging” test because of ActiveRain community guidelines.   

I planned to post a link to Jennifer W’s  “oh so pretty” real website… where she conducts business here but Jennifer W’s now got links on her site to a vile website designer / real estate agent who recently  slammed me and spammed me via ActiveRain.  The website designer /real estate agent  slammed me and a number of other real estate people and then spammed us to come to his site…  to read all about it.   

Long story.  Poor taste.  And here I am being all red, orange and ugly all over again.

If you work in the real estate industry,  Join the ActiveRain Real Estate Network.    ActiveRain is blogging kinda sorta.  Some people say ActiveRain  is the MySpace for the real estate industry.  Yes there are some cyber creeps on ActiveRain, spammers, slammers and self important critics…. aren’t there cyber creeps  everywhere today?

Sellsius° Real Estate Blog (the fella’s who brought Blog Tour USA to Central Ohio in July) has long been cognizant of the blogging addiction.  Sellsius Blog’s – Are you a blogoholic?

On Jennifer W’s… ”How Addicted to Blogging are You?” test there’s a question about blogging live.  I had to answer yes, I have blogged live but I hold my boss Tom responsible for that.  My boss made me blog live the day of the Blog Tour USA stop in Central Ohio.  I said “no” the first 147 times (or so)  he asked me to blog live while we had Joe and Rudy of Blog Tour USA in our midst. On the 148th (or so) request that I blog live during Blog Tour USA’s Central Ohio stop my boss wore me down.  I blogged live during Blog Tour USA on ActiveRain because blogging on ActiveRain  is sooooo easy. 

Blog Tour USA – The live blog

Blog Tour USA visted Central Ohio To update those Columbus bloggers who met Joe and Rudy when they visited Central Ohio in mid July, Blog Tour USA ended in California about a week ago…. Joe and Rudy are now taking a vacation from their month long vacation seeing the USA.  They are taking a blogging break… I kind like to think of them being in rehab…

Are you a blogoholic?  Take the quiz. Gee I can’t believe I got 80%?

My name is Maureen and I am still in deep, deep denial.

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1 Mike August 13, 2007 at 01:34 pm

Thanks fun quiz. I just have one blog on blogger but it says I am 82% addicted. I think it is just a personal blog. I love reading blogs though.

I appreciate you blogging to local bloggers. I had to work the day of the Blog Tour USA picnic or I would have loved to meet other people blogging in Columbus.

2 MaureenMcCabe August 24, 2007 at 04:29 pm

I don’t know how I missed your comment. What’s your URL? Thanks for commenting.

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