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by Maureen McCabe on September 22, 2007

blogosphere.jpgLook at my latest widget in my sidebar… BlogRush  (or is it Blog Rush?) it says “From The Blogosphere” at the top. Black with orange writing boy am I glad I got rid of the red header here.

It’s BlogRush.

BlogRush is  a “Blog Syndication Network.”  It is designed to get more traffic to your blog.  Go to the BlogRush website and watch the presentation on how it works.

It’s free.

You show a feed for other’s blogs and get featured on other people’s blogs.

Either I am getting better at this or it was very easy to add.  It says I can filter out content by URL…..  if I don’t want to provide a feed to entries on a particular blog, they are filtered.  

Just grab your blogs RSS feed and sign up. 

If you put up an entry on any blog about BlogRush don’t put a second instance of the widget in as an example in the body of the blog post.  That’s a big no-no, it says don’t on the BlogRush Dashboard.  

My feed is real estate.  I am not sure I really care that much about non Central Ohio traffic here.  Or that anyone is going to click on this blogs feed from other parts of the country.  I am not going to get real estate business from it necessarily, from what I have seen there is some decent mortgage info there.  I am not good about blogging about mortgages, finance.    Then again many mortgage blogs are kind of spammy.   

What I would love to see is BlogRush or someone do a local or regional widget.  I would rather have an RSS feed of the Columbus food blogs and the Columbus sports blogs and heck even the Columbus political blogs…  Columbus environmental blogs… My Columbus Blog Roll serves that purpose to an extent but boy I sure would love to have the headlines of new Central Ohio bloggers entries here on a feed. 

I could see some of the Blog Rush categories being good for some Central Ohio blogs though…

art & design
career & jobs
computers & internet
finance & investing
food & drink
health & medicine
home & garden
law & legal
news & media
parenting & family
personal diary
real estate
religion & spirituality
writing & literature
video games

There are more BlogRush flavors coming soon… or colors, according to an email I received.  That was an early criticism, the black with orange writing looked garish on many a blog’s sidebar.   My blog is so ugly I don’t have to worry about that!

There are heavy duty issues with “cheaters” using the widget.  Imagine that.  BlogRush was automatically approving blogs when the widget was introduced last weekend but they are going back through them now to remove the “cheaters.”  

BlogRush does not work on blogs!  Works on obviously and many other blog platforms… but it won’t work on

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1 Mark Schwartz September 24, 2007 at 08:26 pm

I am trying on BogRush as well. They just came out with new colors. Now, if I could just change the size.

2 MaureenMcCabe September 25, 2007 at 10:20 am

Mark I am sure BlogRush will make adjustments to size as time goes on if the widget is viable. Yeah I mentioned the new colors in this entry….

Lots of scammers using it. Real estate is local. Of course it’s the sort of widget to attract scummy get rich quick, make easy money, parasitic kind of websites too. Scamming and spamming is not so local. Hopefully BlogRush will become more than a magnet for spam.

Thank goodness for Askimet.

I know there are a lot of bloggers who added the widet and then removed it and did not follow through on the BlogRush account end, so their feed is showing on others blogs. I know a lot of people who fit in that category. Respectable local real estate bloggers. Maybe not the most sophisticated people when it comes to social media, but not people trying to game the system. I think of them as innocents. Until proven guilty.

Gotta another url to add to the Askimet filter now.

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