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by Maureen McCabe on November 3, 2009

I saw a tweet from Off Her Cork  a Columbus food blogger the  other day… caught my eye and led me to Off Her Cork…

Andrea who writes OHC suggested a Christmas card exchange.

Christmas card exchange? Actually I guess it is a “holiday” card exchange.  In my mind that is Christmas because that’s what I grew up celebrating.  I read holiday as Chritmas I guess.  I had to go look…  was OHC  talking e-cards or real cards?

A holiday card exchange?   Here’s the blog post:   OHC holiday card exchange

The image is a Peanuts card and they are standing around a Christmas tree.  Or maybe it is a holiday tree?

The point is she’s talking REAL cards…

Postage stamps.  The USPS.  Mailman comes to the front door, or the mailbox anyway.  Physical rather than virtual.

The USPS will say, “bless you my child” for the very idea.  Or could the  United States Postal Service  even say  “bless you” or is that  too religious sounding?  Maybe if you sneezed…

Or maybe they have to say “Gezundheit!” Which I think may be German for “God Bless you”?  Or maybe it means “Please use a handkerchief, we don’t want to spread the flu and colds.” An important principle in these days of H1N1 flu.

I grew up with many around me saying “Gezundheit”

Or I thought that was what they were saying.

Reading this blog regularly?  Or one of my other blogs?  You better not count on a real Christmas card or a holiday card from  I’ve seldom got real cards out to family, friends or clients in years.

I doubt my blog has it in him…

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