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by Maureen McCabe on August 27, 2005

Of course this isn’t the best blog in Columbus.  This humble, little new blog is about what is best in Columbus and what Columbus is best at.  What’s the best Mexican restaurant in Columbus? I took a poll* on my website in May. Visit the clients page for a 50% off coupon at what my client’s voted Columbus best Mexican restaurant, El Vaquero.  What’s the best Chinese restaurant in Central Ohio?  Who has the best ice cream in Columbus? Who has the best pizza in Columbus?

The blog is not all going to be food either.  What’s the best real estate website (I am a REALTOR with HER Real Living, guess who has the best Columbus real estate website?) What’s the best Sunday open house list (guess HER Real Living again)? What’s the best shoe store in town? What is the best blog in Columbus?  Which TV station is the best in town?   The possibilities are endless.

Do you have the best lemonade stand in Columbus or serve the best gyros or BBQ in town?  Or do you own the best dog walking service, write the best blog or the offer the best maid service in Columbus?    Let me know.

*non-scientific poll, may not truely be representational of Columbus..

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