Columbus Best Blog has "Forbidden Content?"

by Maureen McCabe on August 17, 2007

Forbidden SonicWAllThanks to Kelley Koehler in Tucson for bringing this to my attention.  Kelleye’s blog is

Click on the image if you want to see what it says about forbidden content… on 

Games?  What games??

Who is SonicWALL?  Is this something on Kelley’s computer? It is I got an email from Kelley and talked to Kelley today. 

Games?  Clipper Games?  Monopoly Games?  It’s almost time to start blogging about Buckeye foot ball games, not that I am a fan really (I am a Badger.) Not that I am any kind of a sports fan really, but I live in Columbus Ohio… it is all about the Buckeye’s in the fall in Columbus Ohio… heck it’s pretty much all about the Buckeye’s year round in Columbus Ohio.

The games people play, every night and every day? 

I am getting very tired of the real estate blogging games people play.  I have been battling Web 2.0 Paranoia this week, partly it has to do with people following me on Twitter.

Thanks to Teri Lussier of for sending me a link to Kelley’s mention of me on ActiveRain (it is Members Only entry nothing racy in it Kelley just doesn’t want this blog’s forbiddenness showing up on her Tucson AZ blog.)  Of course my heart stopped beating for a few minutes when Teri brought up that Kelley was blogging about me (paranoia… ) and my wayward blog.   Kelley’s blog was funny once I got over the shock of being “forbidden content. ”   

I have been getting emails about SonicWALL via the email address connected to CBB but I could not make heads or tails of them and thought they were spam. 

Is there some game here on Columbus Best Blog that I don’t see? Of course if you can’t read my blog because SonicWALL has forbidden you see it,  how could you tell me about it?

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1 frierbWeink October 27, 2008 at 05:56 am

Good luck with the site Do you want to improve my sleek transition Fresh joke! How do you keep a bagel from getting away? Put lox on it!

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