Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati

by Maureen McCabe on April 2, 2007

Cleveland Indians ecard Real LivingReds ecard Real Living My city of Delaware puppy pal Sadie announces the beginning of baseball season for Toby on Sadie’s Take on Delaware Ohio today. What a dog!

“Spring is Here! It’s Baseball Time Again”

Oh I guess it is Toby not Sadie: “April 2nd, 2007 by Toby Boyce”

Toby is a big baseball fan… Sadie probably knows as much about baseball as I do, although I bet I have been to more Reds and Indians games than Sadie.

Today is the beginning of baseball huh?

It’s the last day of college basketball…. and the Buckeyes are going to be the national champs. I hope. What a day, there were news reports of people jetting off to Atlanta for tonights game… or even driving.

Central Ohio Reds fans will be tuning in TV’s and radios this afternoon… or some may have driven to opening day in Chicago… not as bad as driving to Atlanta.

Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati…

The images are Real Living 2006 e-cards. If this was my Discover Columbus blog I would probably do a poll about whether Central Ohioans are Cincinatti (brain fart is it Cincinnati or Cincinatti? My first impulse was Cincinnati and I am going with it. I knew when I lived in Dayton and went to Reds games…) oops the e-card has the spelling…. back to my train of thought such as it is … if this was Discover Columbus I would do a poll to see if there are more Reds fans or more Indians fans in Central Ohio…. while I have made progress on the blog —> look at my sidebar! Just look at it. I had a WordPress blogging break through on Saturday… but it is more fun than it was before Saturday.

I still have a long way to go in figuring out WordPress.

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