A Columbus Home Inspector Who Blogs?

by Maureen McCabe on August 4, 2007

Help Wanted Signs

A Columbus home inspector who blogs?  Be still my heart…  

I recognize his name but I am pretty sure I have never met him.  I know he has never done a home inspection for any of my clients.

That might be a good thing.

He is a member of ActiveRain but has never written an entry there. 

He has a “defect blog”  on his website though.   I wondered  if that is original content? It looks like it is… pictures and words… I am getting goose bumps….

He’s a home inspector. 

He is a member of ASHI.  I was not sure if this was important to me… what if I found a Columbus home inspector who could write but he was not a member of ASHI…?  Real Living HER recommends using ASHI inspectors…  Could I have a guest blogger on my blog who was not a member of ASHI?  But he’s a member of ASHI. 

He has his own blog.

He takes pictures and puts words with them!!!! 

He’s a blogger!

David Tamny… Would he? Could he?  Be the guest blogger I am looking for on Columbus Best Blog?  Or Discover Columbus I guess….  I have had a help wanted poster in the front window of this blog for months.  I heard from one Central Ohio idiot home inspector shortly after posting the help wanted sign (for a home inspector to guest blog)…  He was not really asking to be a guest blogger on Columbus Best Blog… He was just being an idiot about what a home inspector is.  And why home inspectors don’t blog. 

David Tamny may be the guest blogger I’ve been dreaming of….

The best home inspector in Columbus

I like home inspectors with small shoulders… but if they can write does it matter? 

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